*A/N* don't ask me. =^.^= just an idea so I worked from it. Yet again,
another oxymoron (check out 'sayings' if u wanna no what I mean ;^D ) *A/N*

The heavy feather,
Rests in my heart,
And although it hurts,
It keeps me from harm.

It warns me of what I've done,
And not to do it again,
I've already felt the tears of salt,
I've already felt the sting of pain.

The heavy feather,
Keeps me from death,
It reminds me of love,
And why it has left.

It left because of me,
I pushed it too far,
And now it resides in my heart,
To remind me of the harm.

The heavy feather,
Burden it may be,
But in the end it protects,
Though it is not defense I seek.

I seek to be rid of it,
To love once more,
But now I've become dependent,
To the very core.

So now I shall sit,
Lonely, without love,
And just hope to dear god,
That I'll be taken up above.

The heavy feather,
My only friend,
It's called a conscience,
Never to mend.

By Siobhan
Date: 18/febuary/2004