Come children, let's go to the lake!
We'll see some animals there, perhaps a frog or a snake.
Or we could go find a rake
Which will help us to collect rocks, leaves, and sticks.
What should we do with this dirty mix?
That's simple! With it, we'll build a fort
Right next to the pier, on the lake, like a port!
Then we'll go out on the lake in the rowboat or canoe,
And while we're there, we'll do some fishing too!
There'll be talking and laughing as we let the bobber float,
And if we catch a fish, we'll say this, and I quote,
"It was as big as my arm, no, my leg, no the boat!"
When we return, we'll take a swim off the pier.
There will be nothing to fear
Except sharp rocks or a kick in the rear
From a sibling or friend.
After that, the peace and the fun all will end
With crying and whining and yelling and screaming!
Voices will be loud, and tempers will be steaming!
The forest around the lake will then seem to come alive
With the sound of all kinds of beasts numbered three dozen times five!
Now, because of the severity of the fight
No calm will be reached until it is night.
Apologies accepted, we reunite 'round the fire
To talk about stories and legends which inspire
And to what in the future we will aspire.
As the fire dies and sparks begin to fly
We watch the embers as they blend into the sky
Becoming the stars as they sparkle and twinkle up so high.
Now we slip off to sleep, and it seems
That all these events are echoed in our dreams.
Isn't it great, isn't it the truth
That the mundane is exciting, during our youth?