February's long Stemmed Mercy

Engulf, my paradise

just so you can have someone to talk to.

Rain pounds outside my window

and you stand in the doorway with a gun.

The tips of your fingers drip

with melodies of unforgiving taunts.

You were a hole, that I caught myself in.

The yellow taxi that I stayed in for warmth.

I stood up and curled my arms around myself.

My curly hair almost straight from this fear.

I became a prisoner

pleading with my captor for sanity.

I was an unchained violator

as I held you like a baby.

He gave me a sultry tale:

"my daddy never cared, my brother's dead!"

I twisted my soul inward toward his center

to caress his broken heart.

I was star dust upon his flesh

a happy jet in flight. But not he

with the

metallic slaughtering machine in his hands.

"I would have stayed with you forever!"