Tears stream down
Ruining the perfectly
Black rimmed gaze.
Onyx streaks moving
Down the arsenic
White smooth skin.
No sounds escape
Through soft silky
Deep coal lips.
Light shaky hands
Slowly move up
To cover the
Tear stained cheeks.
Dark nails show
Out sharply against
The pale flesh.
Lowered head in
Shame hair falls
Over the livid
Tear stained face.
Slumping down against
A solid wall
Inky jeans moving
Up to meet
Dark clad arms.
Buried face deep
In soft dark
Clothed arms sobbing
Softly without sound
Standing up once
Again wiping away
The onyx streaks.
Reapply the makeup
And walk off
Staring at the
Ground in fear.
Heavy combat boots
That lightly thump
Against the ground.
Wet marks don't
Show on the
Dark cloth and
Only the black
And puffy red
Rimmed gaze tells
Walking alone none
Near afraid to
Get to close.
Hiding far behind
The mask of
Secrecy that covers.
Baggy sleeves cover
Pink scars that
Accumulate over time.
New ones added
Nearly every time
Tears run down.
Pack of cigarettes
Left unsmoked in
The pocket of
The bleak coat.
Secret fears and
Tears hidden from
The whole world.
Locked away in
The mind for
All of time.