The Whitrow House

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Tuesday,February the 17th,that Rachel Bates had drove over to her new home,which had just happened to be known as the Whitrow House,a place that--according to many of the local residents of the city of Parma,Ohio--was suppossed to be haunted by its former resident,the late Vanessa Whitrow,who--in 1786--has been burned at the stake for witchcraft.

Anyway,as soon as she had arrived at the house and gotten out of the car,Rachel has been greeted by the caretaker of the house,Miss Mary Gilman,who has been taken care of the house for the man who had became Rachel's new boss,Professor Robert Tandon,who has been the Dean of Sci-Med Studies at the local college for at least seven years.

But then,after she had walked into the house and looked around the living room,a mysterious unseen force had floated itself over to Rachel,placed its invisible hands on her shoulders and blew its hot breath on the back of her neck,which had caused her to turn around fast to see who was actually behind her.

However,after she had turned towards the front door,poor Rachel's blood had ran as cold as ice,for she had discovered that no one was there--and that had caused her to stand in the middle of the room and in a daze,for she has recieved a certain series of questions that she was having trouble with answering.

That was until a concerned Miss Gilman had walked over to a frightened Rachel,placed her gentle hand on Rachel's shoulder and told her about the tale of Vanessa Whitrow's lover in the 1780s,Zachary Bergstrom,who had loved Vanessa so much,that she had followed her to the grave.

But instead of being reunited with his beloved Vanessa,poor Zachary's restless spirit has no choice,but to remain in the house for all eternity.

And after she had started to feel sorry for poor Zachary,Rachel had turned towards Miss Gilman and asked her where she might be able to find the personal library,for within that room,she might've been able to find something that would help put Zachary's soul to rest and end his eternity of utter torment.

After she had pointed Rachel to a locked door and gave her the key to that room,Miss Gilman had taken Rachel's bags up to her room,leaving Rachel to walk over to the locked door,place the key into the keyhole and unlock the door.

And after she had opened the door and stepped into room full of books,Rachel had started looking through each and every book in the entire room,until she had found one that had the exact spell that she was looking for.

Later that evening,after she had retired to her room,Rachel had locked the door,removed all of her clothes and began to draw strange mystical symbols all over her nude body with a black marker,while mumbling out a series of anicent chants.

And then,after she had lit a few small candels and laid herself down on the floor,Zachary's spirit had entered the room and began to touch her all over her nude body.

And while that was going on,Rachel had said that she was doing so,in order to release him with love.

Just then,a few minutes later,after he had placed his gentle hand on her cheek,Zachary had moved his lips next to Rachel's ear whispered to her these words,"You have returned to me,my beloved Vanessa."

And then suddenly,a large glowing orb of light had appeared and engulfed the entire room and everything within it.

The next day,after Professor Tandon's car had drove up to the house and he had gotten out of the car,a frightened Miss Gilman had ran out of the house and told him that poor Rachel had mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

After he had heard that,it had suddenly became clear to him that the Whitrow House has gotten itself a brand new tenant--and she shall make sure that Zachary should never be alone for all eternity.