Grey says the eyes of humans are where the soul lies.

It makes me wonder about the blind, or those who've lost an eye like the boy sitting a few seats away on the barstool away from me. He says that they -And I'm never sure who he means by they- collect human eyes that have a large amount, or lack of, sin in their dark depths.

There are times that people see him, and times they don't, and I'm guessing from the people around me that this is one of the latter times, even if the bartender's eyes flickered over Grey for a second, because one of the drunken patrons just tried to sit on him. He naturally fell off the bar stool, and I think he's still lying there. Grey only rustles his wings.

He doesn't have them out often; this is the first time in about three months that I've seen them. He says that it's how he tracks down the Sinners, but he always has them tracked down beforehand. Sometimes I wonder how accurate it is. Other times I try not to.

There's a few tables in the back of the bar, and an old priest is sitting behind the one farthest from me. He's smiling and preaching to some drunken sod about forgiveness, and his voice is soothing and his smile is pleasant but even from here I can smell the blood on his hands.

Grey looks mildly occupied, and I wonder if he's staring at the one eyed boy. Later I might ask him about the status of those with only one eye, if their souls are halved as well, and it might turn in to one of those discussions that turn late in to the night.

Grey abruptly turns to leave, and I wonder about that because it's the first time he hasn't stayed around to collect the sinners eyes, and I briefly think of how difficult it would be to cut out the old priest's eyes since they always float into Grey's hands before he looks at me and I follow him out into the night.

The air is cold and the night is damp, but I've Grey's hands on the back of my neck and the priest will live for another day so maybe I'll sleep tonight.

I wonder about the one eyed boy for another moment, but Grey says we have more pressing matters tonight, and I'd like to think that they don't involve any eyes. Mine start to throb a little from thinking too much. For the first time I wonder how that boy so young lost his.

He says that everyone has a little bit of sin in them. That's why Grey collects the eyes of sinners, and covets the eyes of the innocent. Little bits of sin are nothing, it is the either or that interests him.

I'm afraid of which he sees in me.