Welcome to the Darkness

Welcome to the darkness,
I'd love it if you stayed,
There's room for all your baggage here,
Bought with the price you've paid.

Your fears are all quite normal,
And here, we share them all,
Stay forever if you want,
No one will hear you call.

Welcome to the darkness,
No tickets to get in,
Your deep red scars have paved the path,
Across your ruined skin.

You'll never be alone here,
Though it will always seem this way,
And if you try to leave us here,
We'll beg until you stay.

Welcome to the darkness,
I'll show you to your room,
It really is quite comfortable,
Though looks just like a tomb.

I will take your problems,
And free your weary arms,
Instead, I'll hang them round your neck,
Like tainted good luck charms.

Welcome to the darkness,
From which there's no escape,
Shadows of your past are here,
Moving, changing shape.

I promise that you'll love it,
We'll take care of you as well,
So step into depression,
Come, join us in our hell.