by: Lissa Howe

Diamonds fly through my hair,
Crystals shine on the road,
It is obvious, can it be
Gold, silver,
Is this heaven?

Just when I think it's all good
The road turns to fire,
It feels lonely here,
Ice covers me,
Shackles fly to my arms,
Lock, latch and pull me to an iron plate,
Knives dangle above me one by one
Falling, getting closer to my skin,
The fifth knife lands solidly,
My arm spilling blood.

A ghost covered in chains, blood.
An evil expression covers his face
As he walks to me, a sword in hand,
Needles at his left side,
Pins at his right, dripping with blood.
I scream; he walks faster now
Knowing I'm filled with fear.

He reaches me, dives for his needles,
Stops, reaches up for a sharp knife
He puts it to my blouse
Cutting all the way down,
My blouse hangs open showing
My silken bra, I close my eyes
Not knowing what will happen next.
I open my eyes to look at his
He looks up, then back down,
He looks at me funny
No one has ever looked at me
Like that before I think to myself.

He looks me in the eyes then
Says to me I have never looked at someone
Like that before, I want more,
He tears my bra off, removes my clothes,
Tears off the bottom half of my wardrobe,
Pulls out a needle, slowly releasing 
A liquid paralyzing my body
Almost at an instant.

The table tilts backwards,
I scream with fear, my eyes tearing
He reaches for the blood covered needles,
Stabs each one into my skin,
I sit there for days
Blood dripping from my skin,
Till one day I think to myself
I'm stuck here forever.

Edited by:  Draconic Spirit