Do You Remember Me?
I thought we were good together
I thought we would last forever
But now I can see
You are not the man for me
Don't you realise it's all up to you?
You're the one who's taking my heart
And ripping it in two

Do you remember me cause I remember you
Why don't you hold me like you used to do?
Why do you cause this pain?
Baby this ain't a game
Why is this happening to me all over again?

I thought it was meant to be
Love and bliss for you and me
But I was blind and I couldn't see
That all this time you were cheating on me
Is she dark and lovely?
Is she bright and bubbly?
Or is she tall and easy?
And most of all, does she know about me?

You can try to say that you love me
But your mind loves somebody else
You can try to kiss and hold me
But your mind holds somebody else
So don't you cry when I say goodbye
And don't you dare try to lie
And say that you tried to call
And don't you try to be my man
Cause I can see it's just a scam
Just watch me walk out the door