This Life
Have you ever had a day when you wake up in the morning and feel like you
didn't sleep?
And the washing machine's flooded the laundry cause the pipes got a leak?
And try as you can you can't remember what happened last night
And you just can't do anything right
You pull on some shoes and you go for a jog cause you wanna get fit
And when you get back home you pull up a chair and sit
And you're monotonous life flashes by your eyes
And you wonder what, in the future, lies

In this life, in this colourless life
Where people cry and the world is in strife
And pretty soon it'll all be so bare
Cause the only ones left will be the ones who care
Ba da da, Ba da da
The only ones left will be the ones who care

You miss the bus so you're late for work but the days only just begun
Some friends of yours hid your glasses just to have some fun
And the line at the canteen is just too damn long
And before you know it you're back where you belong