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I was only trying to make God see the truth, I was not evil, I was such a good angel. I would have never had made those mistakes. If only I would have known, I would have been judged that way. God was wrong he is the one that should be shut out, cast aside like some rat! ...

It wasn't that I hated God. I was just mad at him. He shut me out for just making one mistake, which is not the way to go about doing things. Now I had to repent for my sin I had to rid the earth of scum. I had to help the people around me the good people that he didn't deserve to walk the streets with.

I could say the world would be perfect if it weren't for demons. He is the ultimate in evil the innocents he has killed the wrong he has done. There are demons and then there is he, he was something out of hells deep pits. His life consuming mother, a demon of the hierarchy mixing with that scum of a vampire, his father was. Its disgusting, he is disgusting. It is like the devil cannot die, as if he were the ultimate immortal. Just one look at his ugly face sends chills down my spine . . .

Brothemere stared into Xxents eyes, those eyes that have haunted him for so long. The eyes of a devil, cold . . . and black. Xxent smirked evilly because he knew this was the end, the end of all his suffering and all of her suffering. Brothemere was the ultimate demon. The most frightening of all monsters Xxent has ever encountered. Since the day Xxent was born, Brothemere was there, he killed his father, killed his mother and made him suffer his entire life.

But now he took his hate for Xxent too far, he made his Jaz suffer and Xxent would die before he was the cause for Jaz suffering any more than she already has.

"I'm not letting you live any longer," Xxent smiled "this is it Brothemere, the end." Everything around them was gone. Nothing was evident, except the two of them. Xxent never wanted to approach his demon until now. Once Brothemere made a threat onto Jaz's life, Xxent went crazy, Brothemere could threaten him all he wanted but not Jaz. Not the girl who saved him, and who has already suffered so much pain because of him.

"Why do you care Xxent? Why do you care about a human?" Brothemere walked forward and looked straight into his eyes. His blue eyes scared Xxent, they were emotion filled pits that were pulling him in. He couldn't suppress his attraction to Brothemere, but he couldn't understand why though. There was an absolute putrid hate for him in Xxent's soul but there was also that attraction and through the years when Brothemere raped Xxent he couldn't deny that he liked it. So why deny that he was attracted.

Now Brothemere stood there his deep blue eyes questioning his motives, he loved Jaz, he was no longer the evil demon he once was, why couldn't Brothemere just leave him alone? He couldn't because of the one thing that Brothemere wanted so bad he never got, and Xxent's father did. Brothemere wanted Xxents Mother so much and he could never have her, and that made him hate. He hated Xxent for being his loves' creation with his enemy. Brothemere absolutely hated Xxents Father, even before he took the woman he loved away. Xxent reminded him of that every second and he wanted him dead.

"Shouldn't I ask you the same question Brothemere?" Xxent grabbed him by the color of his blue shirt, his shirt which matched his eyes "why do you care if I ruin an innocent human anyway?" Brothemere smirked an evil grin that made Xxent sick "she was innocent and you brought her into this nightmare . . . how could you?" Brothemere just laughed. His extreme emotion put into his words made Xxent sick. "What's wrong devil? Can you not handle my words, do they penetrate, demons such as you and I should not be aloud love, I was not so why should you be happy?!" Xxent puked once more, he couldn't stop something about the way his voice singed his soul, made him sick to his stomach. 'Why? Why? Why?' He asked himself . . . he screamed it in his head he fell to his hands and knees. He couldn't understand why he was weakened, how could Brothemere weaken him this way. "This is the end Xxent, you are finished and I will forever be known as the one who killed you!" He laughed maniacally "I will murder you! The one known as thedemonic mistake!"

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