T.O.T.D.M. Part 1-The Uprise (Brothemere's story)

Chapter One

The serenity of the night made him feel good. It was a beautiful France night, full moon on a velvet black canvas, the kind of night he could consume his desire. Aluga stepped onto the street of the small village, he wasn't one to care too much for the dusty shadows he hid in during the day. Some of his kind took very well to keep their day resting beautifully. It was a beautiful scene to come across some vampires sleeping. Some slept in coffins as tradition and some slept on the cold floor of a basement chamber, such as Aluga.

Til dawn was how long he had to dance under the moonlight and indulge in the blood of the innocent, and he would because tonight will be the first feed in a long time. A clever human has come across his trail of bloodshed in these parts and wanted to slay the demon. Aluga was smarter than most vampires, he knew when not to feed. The humans were getting smarter as well and more cunning. They had weaponry blessed by priests and Aluga knew they hurt. He didn't want to be caught up in any trouble. He was a vampire who only fed when he needed it, unlike some that fed whenever they had the opportunity.

It was a ridicule to say that all demons were heartless creatures feasting for blood. In the case of most it was accurate but in a select few such as Aluga, they chose to remain as peaceful as possible with the beings around them.

Aluga was a tall demon, about six foot three. He had shoulder length ebony hair and pointed ears framing his long hard face. The nose positioned directly in the middle of his face was long with a pointed tip. He had eyes of a dark brown and skin paler than the white of your eye. The most horrifying of his features had to have been his fangs. No vampire could be complete without his fangs, they are what is so unique to his kind. A vampire punctures wounds in the neck of his victim with his fangs and would suck the crimson warmth right from those wounds regaining the energy they needed to inhabit this world.

Aluga knew he had to feed before he lost too much energy. He wanted his feed to be very satisfying and decided a delicacy would be a young woman. It wasn't like him to desire things such as a beautiful woman. Usually he would feed on indecent people but tonight he wanted to have a grand feast. A feast to remember for ages to come. He strolled down the walk staring at the women who eyed him. Some whores, some decent women, he wanted the perfect one. As he came across a man and a woman he laid eyes onto the beauty and smiled. She was the one.

This beauty had soft skin, a head of beautiful golden hair, and the bluest eyes one could come across. Aluga just couldn't shake the desire that he felt growing within him. This woman was absolutely perfect, and would make the perfect meal. He walked along and stood bye an alley and just watched her for awhile. She took notice to him right away and diverted a bit of attention away from the man she was talking to. Aluga smiled at her a smile that struck her attention very well. She walked away from the man she was with and slowly made her way to Aluga.

"Its not kind to watch a lady from the darkness..." She softly purred smiling seductively. He smiled back and put his hand to her cheek "your beauty far surpasses any woman I can see." She smiled and took his hand and motioned him to follow her.

They walked slowly down the path and came to a clearing where a single lamp post stood. The fire inside the lamp was gleaming down to the last of its oil. "Mademoiselle I believe that I am quite fond of your body, would you allow me to taste it?" The woman smiled and leaned in taking his hands into hers, as she let him kiss her. Aluga made his way down to her neck and licked her skin softly. He arched her neck to the side a little baring his fangs. Slowly he lowered them onto her neck and just as he was about to sink them in she spoke. "Monsieur if you wanted to devour my blood why did you not state that in the beginning. I would have given you all the blood your body can desire along with everlasting pleasure." Aluga pulled back and stared into her blue gems, he was puzzled how did she know?

"Vampires are so predictable, but I will have to say that the pointy ears and fangs gave you away, not to mention you reek of dead." He let go and backed against the post "well I see you have everything figured out Mademoiselle, but I am sad to admit I don't have you figured out." His comment struck her interest extremely, "well then allow me to introduce myself, I am Belia, daughter of Lilith and Belial." She giggled for a moment why he stared at her.

"Please forgive me," he knelt down in front of her. Belia was a demon of the hierarchy in which a vampire must obey in any situation. She laughed once more before putting her hand to his chin and lifted him up "please Monsieur there is no need for such formalness, you have already tasted my outsides, now would you like a taste of my insides." He smiled again leaning in forward as she put her arms around him "please Monsieur take a bite..."

Aluga sunk his fangs in slowly, somehow the pain registered to pleasure to Belia and she gasped out squeezing his backside. Aluga had never tasted blood so delicious and so thick. He was very aroused by this and desired to take it to the next level. Belia was not reluctant to this as well. She took him fully into her embrace and allowed him to consume the life that was oozing from her.

The grass slowly became closer as Aluga drifted downward laying her in a soft patch. She gasped stroking the back of his head, as he began to make love to her.

Aluga had not had such a delicious meal in a very long time and he was quite satisfied with his evening out. Belia was a demon to remember and he was quite taken with her but he was not the only one.

A demon that goes by the name of Brothemere was very much in love with Belia and he was not happy with the union between the hierarchy and the vampire scum. He would not allow his Belia to be taken by such a waste of space. Vampires disgusted Brothemere and he let every single one he came in contact with know, and now it was Alugas turn.

As Aluga walked from his date with Belia, Brothemere followed closely behind and watched him. Aluga knew he was there and thought maybe of him being a human but... Brothemere was definitely a demon, and a very powerful one at that.

"It is bad enough that you scum give demons a bad rep. But now you must defile the hierarchy that way..." Aluga turned to the unhappy voice which he recognized and smirked "Brothemere is that you?" He asked amused. Brothemere sneered at him "Aluga, if I recall the last time I came in contact with you I left you two seconds til dead." Aluga smirked in amusement, "maybe but I was not as defeated as you thought I was..."

"I took notice to your deep affection toward my Belia. It is not proper for you to feel that way about her." Brothemere remarked coldly walking forward. Aluga laughed briefly before he put his hand up, stopping Brothemere from coming any closer "if she were so indebted to you then why had she enjoyed me so much?" Brothemere had to contain his anger, "I will let you off this time vampire because I don't want to upset my Belia in anyway, but if you go near her ever again I will bring a stake to your dead heart." He watched as Aluga walked away.

Belia had no desire in Brothemere and had rejected any advance she had ever made on him. He was a demon of the hierarchy, but will not reveal his parents. He stood an average five foot nine not much in height but he was strong. He had a calm demeanor that showed whenever he got angry. But Brothemere was obsessive, extremely and it was beyond extreme when it came to Belia. He hid mysteries behind his deep blue green eyes and he wasn't intending to reveal them to anyone, not even to Belia if he ever got her. The most intriguing of his mysteries was his strength. He has been the target of demon assassins. Everyone wanted to steal Brothemeres strength, but Brothemere was something else. He could overpower anything or anyone. It wasn't like him to let Aluga off without hurting him in anyway, however Belia already wanted nothing to do with Brothemere and he wanted to change that. Killing Aluga may serve to delay that change.

It was a new beginning for Aluga, He was set on his journey and he knew it. He felt in Belias touch that she was perfect and he wanted her. He wanted to take her forever and he was not going to let Brothemere or any other being get in his way. France was now not the only place that had to worry over this vampire he knew that he would make an impact on the entire world.

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