Have you ever tried to say how you feel?
It sounds like such a simple thing to do,
But you never know how hard it is,
Until you try to say 'I love you'.

Three simple syllables,
The hardest phrase,
Three easy words,
There's so much at stake.
I start to sweat,
My hands grow cold,
I say the words,
And she says no.

My heart is now a broken shard.
I pretend that I am unaffected.
The courage I mustered has gone to waste,
As I try to remain collected.

My hopes are in smithereens.
My heart is in devastation.
Whenever I get off of the ground,
I can begin my reparation.

For now, I'll still be in love with her.
For now, I've still been rejected.
I guess I must not be good enough.
But for now, I'll leave my sadness undetected