Call of Blood

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Chapter 9

" Good morning Joren, I'm glad to see you've finally deemed this class good enough to show up this week." The dry voice belonged to a one Mrs. Ariane Fletcher, Joren's, and soon to be mine as well, English teacher.

Joren blushed, I could feel the embarrassment in his body heat. I pushed him down into the seat that he had stood by and laid my hand on his shoulder. I looked cooly at Joren and then up at Mrs. Fletcher.

She was a tall woman, in her late forties almost, her hair completely black except for the two lines of grey at her temples. Her hair was drawn up in a bun and her still lithe body was dressed smartly, in a navy blue dress suit with low heels. Her sharp green eyes surveyed me as cooly as ice. A wedding ring of a single diamond graced her finger and I knew what to do.

" Trust me, Mrs. Fletcher, he'll be making it to class more often if I have any say about it." My voice was calm and steady and I knew that I had the eye of everyone in the class, including the heavy one of Mrs. Fletcher, the person I was trying to win over.

Joren grinned and laughed. " Says who?"

I looked down at him, the next part of my plan. " One word, Joren." I held up my finger, indicating my point. " Couch."

There were indrawn hisses and hoots of laughter, but I ignored them, watching Mrs. Fletcher's face. She smiled the same smile I had on my face and I knew I had a kindred spirit on my side. She nodded and motioned for me to sit down.

" Class, this is our newest student, Riona McLaird, and she also appears to be our Joren wrangler." Mrs. Fletcher wrote down something on the attendance list.

" Oh please." I said. " I'm just his girlfriend."

Instantly, girls around the class stiffened and a few glared at me. I marked them as Lori's friends and supporters, making a note to stay clear of them, since this was a junior class and I was only a freshman. I had surpassed the reading test scores, but the senior class was full, so they put me in with Joren.

I saw Joren's friend, the sensitive, in the corner. His face was flushed and he had his hand wrapped around the hand of a girl with flaming pink hair and those old horn rimmed glasses. She had a hoop through her ear and a small ball under her lip. Her eyes were half closed and I figured the reason why he was so flustered. She must have been relaying some pretty interesting pictures into his mind. I could smell the arousal on the both of them.

" That's Jonathan and Erin." He waved at his friend and he faintly waved back. Joren grinned.

" Do they do that every day?" I whispered to him, so low that no one but him could hear. " Have their own sex play inside their heads?"

" Everyday I've showed up in class." He shrugged.

" Doesn't it get distracting, the scent of it?"

" You get used to it." Joren wrapped his arm around my shoulder and drew me close.

Mrs. Fletcher looked at us and raised an eyebrow, but I nodded and she nodded back, turned to the board and started to write things on it. But I couldn't pay attention. The smells coming from Jonathan and Erin was too much, I had never gotten around to controlling my lust, only the blood hunger. The touch of Joren's bare skin against my shoulders drove me crazy, and I quietly grew my claws and started setting them into the edge of the desk, flexing and trying to control myself.

Joren noticed and made some bullshit excuse about needing to get me some books that Mrs. Fletcher saw right through, but let us go anyway. He took me into a small cove-like space under the stairs. He grabbed my shoulders and made me look at him, his eyes wild with fear.

" I cannot believe that you don't know how to control your lust." He said, sliding his hands up my arms. " I thought you had, you seemed so controlled in the shower."

" Joren," I said, shaking his arms off. " I was scared and shocked in the shower, and in the bed, I was too damned tired to want anything but sleep and reassurance." I shook my head. " It just never occured to me that other people would be able to affect me like this. I mean, other people's blood doesn't so why should other things."

Joren shook his head, sighing and crossing his arms against his chest.

" If it were that, then you'd be going crazy every moment that I touched you. It's-" He stopped, looking at something behind me.

I turned around and saw three teenagers, all smelling of wer blood, but a flavor I hadn't encountered yet. They walked towards us and the air around them shimmered with their auras. I passed my hand through the moving air, testing out their power as I had with the wolves. But they were something else, something from the jungles and plains, not dark forests.

" Riona, meet Will, Gina, and Timothy, the local weretiger children." Joren came up behind me and I started at the touch of his hands at my elbows.

Will and Timothy were tall and muscled, with shaggy shoulder length hair. Timothy with black hair and Will with hair the color of the sun before it sets, raging orange. Their eyes were both a strange silver green, and I looked at their pupils.

" Been spending too much time in tiger form?" I asked, watching their slit pupiled eyes narrow. I then turned my attention to Gina.

Strangely, she was as pale and timid as the boys were wild. Her skin was pale, as if any attempts to tan her had left her unaffected, and her hair was as white blond as mine was black. Her eyes were light blue, with a gold sunburst around the pupil and a darker line of blue enclosing the whole thing.

" Let me guess, you're a white tiger?" I asked, holding out my hand for her to shake. I liked her for some reason, but the boys I did not.

She took it, her slim fingers wrapping around mine softly, nodding. " We heard you were here from their friend, Lori." She said in a soft voice that still implied she wasn't fond of Lori either. " I was most excited to meet you, a mere child that could be Ulfric of the wolf packs if she wanted to."

I blushed, I knew I did. " Thanks, that's the best compliment I've had all day." I looked at the boys behind her. " Some people weren't exactly happy to find that I was coming here."

" Where else would you have gone, then?" Gina shook her head and sighed. " Some of the humans here are so ignorant and closed minded. I hope you do not hurt them too much."

I smiled. " I won't let them off too easily though."

" I wouldn't ask you to."

Will laughed. " This is all well and good, the friend making, but Joren, can you control your girlfriend and her needs?"

I blushed again, harder. I guess my surprise at their arrival hadn't abated my previous feelings. But I gritted my teeth and stood up to my pitiful full height, barely coming up to his chin.

" Joren doesn't need to control me, Will. I've got a good enough hold on myself. I'm not ravaging him up against the wall, now am I?" I asked, putting my hands on my hips.

" No, but it would be a good show if you did." Will laughed again, and Timothy elbowed him in the ribs. " Shut up, dork."

I smiled at him, but he frowned at me anyway. " It was nice meeting you, Gina, but you have interrupted a conversation. Could you-?" I didn't know how to phrase ' Go away' nicely.

" We shall go." Gina took the boys' hands and led them away.

" Awww, Gina, you never let us have any fun with the newbies." I heard Will mutter.

Gina squeezed his hand, that I could see. " I think this newbie could kick your ass seven ways to Sunday, so stay out of her way until Lora says otherwise."

I let out a sigh of relief that I didn't know I had been holding in. I turned to Joren and smiled my brightest smile. " I'm good, I promise. I can control myself."

" I sure hope so." Joren leaned down and kissed my forehead. " But just in case, I'll ask Jon and Erin to chill it until we're sure of your control, okay?"

I lunged at him and he caught me in his arms, hugging me close while my feet hung above the floor like some demented child. " Okay."