Looking For A Soulmate
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the 19th of February,
In which a Baldwin-Wallace student named Mary
Stoddard had arrived in the City of New York
And started to look for some work.
Then,she has met a CEO named Jack Carrey.

Jack's been working for Grindow Corperation
For nine years without ever able to mention
That he was also looking for a soulmate,
Who he would be able to love,not hate--
And indeed,Mary nicely fits that equation.

And then,after she had gotten the job
At Jack's company,he asked his best pal,Bob
To ask Mary to join Jack in the tide
Of matrimony and be his bride.
'Yes' was the answer she gave to Bob.

And then,a few months later,
Both Jack and Mary had taken each other's
hands and were able to get married.
And that was how she became Mrs. Jack Carrey-
And they both lived happily ever after.