Battles of trying to fit in
Concentrating on pleasing even "sin"
So many abused, just wanting a fuse
Drugged and ready, for you know
Lying dead, those who were paid and remade
Running away, the one who got away
Shed from the inside, wicked on the outside
Weakly, bleeding forever on
Months in advance, in the same place
The one who got away, does not give a second glance
Always trying to be alive, but not to strive
Hiding it all, safetly within
No one has to know, everything is fine
Rumors and glances of hate,
Never residing, growing always is the fear
Is there no one there,
Late at night sleeping with open eyes
Pondering on nothing wishing to be ------
Delirious again, no one cares, who wants to?
Dark and lonely, hurting always
Is nothing left pretty?
Painfully torturous, what is this again?
It seems to be the end.