I Killed Him
I killed him
He's dead
It's my entire fault
I don't know where I should stash the body
I mean, I have to bury it
Maybe I will, in the veggie garden
But that's probably the first place they will look
Sister will notice first
She'll realise he's gone
He should have been waiting for her when she got home from school, in the
But I got home first
I saw him and I was jealous
He got more attention than me, ever since Sister brought him home the first
Everyone said he was handsome, striking, beautiful
They just ignored me
We had a BBQ celebrating his birthday this year
I didn't get a party
When I saw him waiting for Sister I got really mad
I walked over to him, didn't say a word, but I was fuming
I was green with envy
I killed him mercilessly
Now I sit in the lounge waiting for Sister to get home
She will notice he's not there and ask where he is
I'll tell her the truth, that he's dead
She'll cry for a long time and I will feel bad
But I can't feel any worse than I do now
Come to think of it, he wasn't that bad
Maybe I acted too harshly, too quickly
Maybe we could have bonded
It's too late now though
I've already killed him
He's dead, lying in the veggie patch
Maybe the dog will dig him up
That would be awful
The dog might drag him across the yard and leave him by the front door
Sister would cry and shriek and scream
Mum would blame me, say it's all my fault
And it is
I killed him
It's too late to turn back time
It's done
It's over
The goldfish is dead