Silver blades of solace

Haunt your every move

May you choose the rise?

Or push yourself to fall

I cannot decide for you

See-through tears of pain

Hidden behind your ensemble

Of spikes and chains for strength

Concealing how you feel

And I can't stop crying for you

Pushing away everyone

Only the ones who really care

Replace with more agony

So no one can take your silver blade

And I can't destroy it for you

Painful echoes of doubt

Feeling more than self-pity

More like self-hatred, self-destruction

You've never loved yourself

And I can't make you

Echoes of "don't feel sorry,"

"Don't feel sorry for yourself."

Not realizing how far down you've gone

Unknowing that you're tired of feeling sorry

But I can feel sorry for you

Memories of your innocence

You've denied your right to have

You're still that child who just needs love

But you can't even pray for yourself

And I can't find Spirit for you

Sometimes you fear it's time to go

Somewhere you're so afraid of

But stay for the sake of your loved ones

Holding on to an empty prayer journal

That I can't write in for you

When will you stop believing?

Those malicious lies you tell yourself?

That you don't deserve to be cared about

You avoid the light in fear of the down times

And all I can do is hope for you