The Rude Female

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,one of the many bad habits that human beings have no choice,but to experience just happens to be total rudeness--and unfortunately,it was about to be experienced by a very nice woman named Kimberly Hovis,for she was about to step on to an RTA Rapid Tram,in order to get herself to work.

Just then,as soon as the Tram had stopped at the next stop,another woman had stepped into the Tram and started ordering some of the other passagers to move out of their seats and over to the back of the Tram,where she claimed that they had truly belonged.

And as a result of that verbal barrage,everyone had moved to the back of the Tram--except for a shocked Kimberly,who was way too scared to move.

After the rude female had noticed that poor Kimberly was still in her seat,the rude stranger had started shoving her,calling her nasty names and demanding her to move out of her seat.

But then,after the female stranger has kept on taunting and teasing her for a couple of minutes straight,something inside Kimberly's fragile psyche had snapped and caused her to grab an aluminum baseball bat and began to smash her over the head with it.

After the incident and she has finally been restrainted by some of the other passagers,the Tram has arrived at the next stop and the police had taken poor Kimberly back to the nuthouse.