Harliquinn faces,

feline masks, whirling cloaks—

different centuries of costumes meet

in a clash of music and light.

Dignified forms, cold and white

with searing black eyes

dance and pose.

Frozen wraiths,

burning shadows.

Twinkle of camera flashes,

galaxy of distant stars

in a garish dream.



enraptured faces

watching the glowing orb,

a swelling sun pushed and formed,

bullied by metal tools.

Blown up like a child's balloon, but fragile,

it grows, yellow-orange with stolen heat,

translucent magma wrapped in tendrils of color.

Gold powders melt into crimson inks

and are spun, spirals around a vase.


City's veins,

brownish green

pulsing with life,

and algae.

Narrow boats—

wooden limosines, chauffer tourists

through the glories of times past

via open sewers.