Tora no Hikari: Kuroraka
by Shigatsu Waite

Chapter 6

Shit! Shit! Shit!

How could I have forgotten that Tiger was once a cat?! Dogs and cats always have hated each other...

Tiger growled once more towards the source of the sound. The coyote was emerging from the bushes, ears also laid back, and teeth bared. Tiger was doing the same.

"Uh.... Tiger? Back away, I'll handle this. I do not want you two to fight..." I started to say, but was interrupted by Tiger. Damn.

"Obsidian, leave this to me. This is a matter of pride, not anything else. We entered his territory, and he's challenging me, because I'm male. So stay back." He said, narrowing his eyes.

I sighed. So it was a male ego thing. That made things a whole lot better. I snorted. Men, no matter what race, they always seem to fight meaningless fights. I backed away from Tiger slightly, and off to the side.

"Tiger, if you don't move, you're going to get in the way. I don't care if it's because we entered his territory, I shall be the one to fight him. You can be hurt to easily. You-"

Tiger whipped around to face me. "You," He annunciated, "aren't going to fight. I don't have the ability to heal people as you do. You can heal me, but I couldn't heal you. So I am fighting. Don't worry so much. This'll be a piece of.... what is it?"

I sweatdropped. "It's cake."

He grinned darkly, "Ah yes, cake. Piece of cake." I rolled my eyes at him as he turned around to face the coyote.

The wolf, while we were arguing, had decided to advance. He was now only a few feet away from Tiger, and was still moving slowly towards him. It lunged.

Tiger moved swiftly off to the side and did a round house kick to the coyote's back while it was still in the air.

I narrowed my eyes at Tiger. He moves so quick. It's so... inhuman. I'm glad he's on my side.

The wolf hit the ground with a thud. It stood on it's paws quickly and started running forwards. Suddenly, it turned around, and headed for Tiger once more. Tiger lowered into a crouch, stilling himself. When the wolf was only a foot away, Tiger lashed his hand forward, and chopped at the coyote's neck. The wolf's eyes widened, and the momentum of running carried him another few feet. He fell to the ground.

I gasped. "Is he..?" I'd hate to think that it'd be dead just because it was protecting it's territory.

Tiger shook his head, a serious look on his face. "No. Just unconscious. I wouldn't kill him. But, if we come back, I won't have to fight him again. I won, and spared him." He smirked.

I blinked in confusion. "How does that work?"

He looked at me, and walked over. "It has to do with dominance." he waved his hand, "Long story." He put his arms around me, nuzzling my neck. "Land is one thing, but you are another. I'm glad you're mine."

I pulled away from him. "What do you mean by that?"

He looked away from me with a slight blush. "Well... I kinda got jealous when we were at the mall the other day... with all those guys looking at you. It'd be a much harder task to fight off all those guys, then to fight off a coyote."

I stared at him blankly. He thinks fighting off a coyote is harder then guys who are after my affection? Sheesh.

I shook my head and pulled him into a hug. "Don't worry, Tigger. You won't have to fight anyone. I love you. You're the only one who I've ever been in love with." I laughed, "In fact, I haven't even been with anyone. I've only had friends." I nuzzled my head against his chest and sighed in content. I felt his arms wrap around me.

"How about we go back home, Obsidian? I'm not used to such adventure all in one day." He chuckled.

I shook my head and sighed, a smile upon my face. "Sure. Let's walk back to my motorcycle." I smirked, starting to walk ahead of him, "Let's race," I simply said, and took off running.

"Hey!" Tiger said, running after me.


When we got home, we both collapsed on the couch. I snapped my fingers, and two bottles of water appeared. We were both dehydrated from running outside before coming in. I grinned eccentrically. That was a blast.

He was panting slightly, "Next time, Butterfly, we don't go around chasing each other for two hours straight." He smirked, "Though you do look so... pleasing, when you're panting, somewhat sweaty." His eyes started to glow in a mysterious way. I knew that look.

Blushing, I turned away from him and took off my boots. He followed suit. "So, want to watch some movies?" I asked him, trying to change the subject.

He tutted at me, pointing a finger at me. "Nope. You're not getting out of this." He stood up, and walked over to my side of the couch. He stopped in front of me.

I gave him a vague smirk. I knew what he was getting at, but he'd have to work for it. I looked at him innocently. "What do you mean?"

He rolled his eyes and picked me up, "We're going upstairs now. And then I'm going to have my way with you. It's so much fun to see you squirm, moan, and groan." He looked at me heatedly.

I blushed as a familiar feeling started to appear in my lower region. Oh boy....

Tiger grinned wickedly, and bounded to and up the stairs. He stopped in front of my room, and nudged the slightly open door with his foot wide enough for both of us to get through. He walked slowly to the bed, and set me down on it, gazing at me intently.

"You know I love you, right?" He asked me softly.

I smiled at him. He's so innocent at times. I sighed with a slight blush. "I know. I love you too."

He grinned happily and crawled over to me. He leaned his head down and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I moaned faintly in delight. I do, and will always love his kisses. The kiss ended, and he was already tugging my red tank top up, trying to get it over my head. He whimpered when he couldn't do it on his own. I rolled my eyes slightly, and raised my arms. In a second, the tank top was off, and he was eyeing my clothing, trying to decide what to get rid of next.

In my mind, while I had the chance, I quickly recited an anti-pregnant spell. Thank Goddess I found out about this, otherwise, I might be having his children a little earlier then I wished.

I finished the quick spell, and Tiger's eyes lit up suddenly, and I raised an eyebrow. Next thing I knew, he was unbuckling my black leather pants. He lifted my hips so he could pull them off easier. They were thrown across the room. But before they landed, he was back to kissing me.

We parted from the kiss panting, and I let my gaze travel his lithe body. I grinned, and snapped my fingers. He was now clotheless, with only his leather cat collar left on. God did he look sexy like that. I snapped my fingers again, and my undergarments went missing as well. I smirked at his look of contemplation.

Last time he was the dominant one, but this time, it shall be me.

I jumped him, tackling him onto the bed. Thank god for having a large bed. I took his arms, and set them above his head, mumbling a quick spell to have them stay at the spot I put them. He looked surprised at this, maybe even a little aroused, considering I felt him firmer against my leg. I climbed down him, till our eyes met. I gazed into his emerald eyes.

"I love you, Tiger, and I shall make this a night your going to remember." I said softly.

He gave me a questioning look, but I shut him up by kissing him forcefully upon the lips. I stopped this kiss a minute later, and started to kiss my way down his neck. I went to his pulse. It didn't take long for me to provoke a response out of him, not to mention a hickey by sucking, nibbleing, and licking. I licked my lips as I heard him groan softly, and headed down to start on his chest.

When I said that Tiger was sexy, I really meant it. He has a defined set of muscles, and though he was lean, his strength showed when he moved.

I kissed down his chest, swirling my tongue around his nipples before I gently bit them. He gasped, and I clenched my teeth on one, tugging it. I inwardly grinned as he closed his eyes and took in a shaky breath.

I headed down to his stomach, letting my tongue dip into his navel, making a moan finally come out of him. He holds back too much. I smirked. That won't last for long.

I got onto my knees and gazed at his body. I sighed at the sight. He was tensed, breathing slightly heavy, and his erection was starting to strain. I bent my head down, and stopped when I was above it. I gazed up at his eyes, which started to widen, before I let my tongue come out, and lick from the base to the tip in a sure, firm stroke.

"O-Obsidian!" Tiger gasped. I grinned. He wasn't expecting that, was he?

I swirled my tongue around his tip, letting it lick up any precum that it came across. Yummy. Tastes like him, though a little salty. A thought in the back of my mind popped up. He needs more fruit. I shook my head slightly, and went back to the task at hand.

I put my lips over his member, and slowly encircled him, teasing, while I looked up into his eyes. They were glazed over by lust.

I finally had him mostly engulfed, but he didn't fit totally in my mouth, seeing as he was at such a length. I brought my hands up so that I could massage the rest of him, along with his balls.

I made sure that this would go off to a good start. I licked all around him, in swift movements, barely touching him in some places, and pressing hard on him in others. Soon, I started to suck on him. I moaned slightly at the sight of him. He was thrashing his head from side to side, making such delightful noises. The moan must have done something to him, because he thrust up into my mouth, almost causing me to choke. I quickly adapted to him, and swallowed around him. I felt him tense up, and let out a strangled groan, that resembled my name. A flush of fluid filled my mouth, and I quickly swallowed it. I licked him clean, and gave one last suck.

I removed my mouth from him, and snuggled up to him. I snapped my fingers, and his bonds came undone. He took a few more gasps of breath, and then I found myself flipped onto my back, with a smiling Tiger above me.

"Thank you. I really enjoyed that, but now, I'd like something else, if you don't mind." He asked.

"Sure." I told him. Wonder what I'd be.

Tiger leaned down and kissed me. It was a simple kiss, and it stayed that way. He stopped it, and made his request.

"I want to make love to you again." He said. I blushed slightly, and nodded my head. He shouldn't have to ask though.

He grinned, and pushed his body against me. He was already hard again. Jeeze, Tiger has some pent up frustrations.

He spread my legs apart, and gazed down into my eyes. He kissed each eyelid, and thrust himself in. I gasped in pleasure. It didn't really hurt this time, so all I felt was the wonderful sensation.

He almost brought himself out completely, but left the tip in. He thrust hard into me, and I groaned. Oh God...

He drove himself into me again and again, always hitting my sweet spot, making me crave more. A short time later, we were both at the threshold of bliss. He thrust into me one more time, and I came. My eyes, which at one point closed, snapped open. My mouth was agape, and I let out a long, silent moan. My muscles clenched around is arousal, and he to came. He shuttered, silently releasing himself into me. He retracted himself, and we fell against the bed, drained of energy, gulping in air.

"I think... I think that was better," he swallowed, "then last time."

I chuckled, and hugged him close to me. He put his arms around me. "Time for sleep." I mumbled. I snuggled against him, falling asleep with a soft smile on my face.


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