Due To A Miscalculation
By:Andrew Troy Keller

On Saturday,February the 21st,a Hudson University student named
Gary Brodal has been summonded to the office of Professor Kane
Jordan,who was in need of a test subject for
His latest experiment,which was to travel into the core
of all human knowledge known as the brain.

And then,after he was able to remind
His prize student about the reasons for exploring the human mind,
Gary had decided to go along with the whole thing
And hoped that the whole world would realize that he was making
Scientific history by doing something that was new to his kind.

A few days later,inside the university's sci-med lab,Gary
Was hooked up to a weird machine and his ladylove,Mary
McClanahan had given him a kiss for good luck.
And then,after one of the lab techs named Chuck
McPeak had activated the gizmo,an orb of light had formed around Gary.

And then,a few minutes later,both Gary and the light
Orb had disappeared,causing poor Mary to have the look of fright
On her face,for she had lost her true love
Forever.But what she doesn't know is that her lost love
Has been teleported into another universe,which was ruled by royal might.

And even though he was still wishing to return home,
He has no choice,but to stay on the world of King Crome,
Where he was able to marry his beautiful daughter
And due to a miscalculation,stay with her--forever.