Dinner time. I hate dinner. Dinner sucks. Maybe I should just stop eating dinner altogether. No then I would wind up looking like Annie and nobody wants that. Ok the time to go into Wolfing Mode. Just as I was almost finishes wolfing Wisdom Pearl (who had been ignoring me since dinner began 20 seconds ago) said in her placating voice: "Now Moonbeam as you know in a few days you will have to go and live with your father" Wolf. Wolf. Wolf. Just keep Wolfing Moonbeam dint throw a fit. Maybe dad has a girlfriend and a golden retriever.

"Ok great mom when is he coming to pick me up?"

"In an hour"

"I thought you said in a few days"

"No Moonbeam I said in a little while"

And so I continued my futile attempts to argue but at last (43 seconds later) I said that was gong to go pack my things as I'm leaving the lesbian house for two entire months!! Joy. How many months till I turn 18?…lets see now five years times twelve months a year…sixty. Sixty fucking months. I hate my life.

Dad does have a girlfriend.

Her name is Raindrop.

No golden retriever in sight.

His new place is actually not that bad though. He got cable!!! He should know that bribery does not work on me but yessssssssss… now I won't feel all alone because I didn't watch Desperate Housewives. Yay Yay Yay. I love my life. My bedroom has a door (as opposed to beaded curtains) and I have MY OWN BATHROOM. Apparently "The" new record was a huge hit in wherever-it-was-they-were.

Raindrop on the other hand might be a problem. She actually thinks she's a raindrop. She ONLY wears blue and wars these weird shoes that go splish splish splish when she walks. She also has this really high squeaky voice (apparently raindrops have high and squeaky voices) and overall REALLY annoys me.

But who cares because I have cable and a 20$ a week allowance?

I love my life

Moonbeam, material possessions do not make you happy.

They make me happy so go away stupid conscience

Did you see Moms' face when you didn't kiss her goodbye?

So? I hate her she doesn't even have a TV

Moonbeam, she's your mother

Go away I said.



"Um yeah hi Moonbeam, it's Rodger"

Oh no. Security blanket boy.

"Hi Rodger how are you"

"I'm good. And you?"


"That's great listen um… I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Sunflower Community solstice ball with me."

Noooooooooooooooooooo not the Sunflower Community solstice ball!!!!!!!

"Sure Rodger id love too" Nooo good moonbeam took over for that half second

"Great ill pick you up at six"

"I'm at my dads place"

"What's the address?"

"666 (so ironic) Mother earth plaza"

"Ok see you then bye"


I hate my life.