Smart Girl

Just a smart girl, trying to survive

Smart girl, perfect, goody-two-shoes

Striking jealously, striking hate

But only trying to survive

Laughter, shouting, screaming

Parties, dances, games

Preps, Goths, Skaters, Friends

Where can she go?

The Elementary School angel

Two fine pigtails, ironed flat dress

Straight As, so proud, teacher's pet

And for the last time, she was pleased

The Middle School reject

Big, oval glasses, nasty, knotted hair

More As, honor role, no friends

No one understood her

The High School stress case

Dark, spiked hair, black clothes

No more perfection, no more pride

And what is she now?

Falling farther into it

C in Biology, B in Geography

Falling below expectations, average

Not special anymore

Struggling through Honors courses

Barely making As, if she's lucky

People assume it's easy for her

That she's still that perfect girl

Maybe she causes her own agony

Puts all the pressure on herself

But she knows she can please people

And doesn't want to stop

They snatch her test, to compare

Assuming she got an A

They just don't understand

Why she cried in that class

"I get Bs and Cs, why can't you?"

"I'm not perfect, you can't be."

She wants to be better than that

All she wants is to be special again

She's lost all remaining control

Lost her academic edge

While they tell her to just accept it

They're asking her to tear herself down