Alas, alas my weary friend
It seems the end grows near.
The skies now fill with darkness,
As the innocence disappears.
The children cry their strangled wails,
The elders flea is fear.
The end has come for all to see.
Alas the end is here.
The fires burn, the people scream
Amidst the darkness feast,
And all it seems is chaos
At the hands of the cruel beast.
The times have changed so drastically
The innocence long since faded.
The world is now consumed with hate.
The people all are jaded.
But beyond the fire, beyond the end
The hatred now does cease.
Listening closely the only sound
That echoes here is peace.
Alas, alas my weary friend
The end has come to be
And in this darkness grows no sound
But peace that echoes free