Bath in the rays of shade
Thinking about sunsets to come
Blue moon on the rise
Basking in the tunes
Of the fiddle that Diddle played

A giant game of cat and mouse
Where you and I are the cheese
Destined to be consumed
In the belly of a hungry beast

Can't fight our destiny
Like people consumed by society
And shat out like nothing
Wasting away in oceans of themselves

So let us drift
Pushed around by the wind
To settle on shores of a better pasture
We can graze on a misty haze
With our children and our rage

Emotions run ramped within these old caverns
Speckled with lies of echoing truths
Songs of foreboding have just been played
Off key and fallen with no safeguard
Crushed under the weight of that decision
Shattered like egg-shells

All the kings' horses and all the kings' men
Don't give a damn if you die in the end
For you are a nothing just like the dirt
Words are like stones, I bet that one hurt

Dug deep in the skin and burrowing to stay
The infection is spreading and it won't go away
No form of medicine, hope, or decree
Will save you from what will surely be

Stand up strong and brace for death
Inhale one last time
Hold onto that breath
Don't pray or cry
For your going to die
It's not the end it's just the beginning
For beyond this moment lie crimson dreams
Of star-lit smiles and jellybeans