Vita raced down the corridor her cloak flapping wildly behind her. She was late, again. Her lessons had already started as she got to the closed door. She tapped lightly and soon heard a reply.

"Come in Vita." She opened the door slowly. All the eyes in the room were looking at her. Everyone else was there, young maids, the stable boy, the Princes and visiting duke sons. Vita apologized under her breath, the teacher nodded in tolerance. She rushed to her seat at the back of the class. Sat next to her was the middle prince, only a year or so older than her. He smiled at her, the thing she liked about her magic lessons was that there was no, high or lower class, everyone here to achieve the same goal, to master their magic.

Vita always wanted to be an enchantress; she could not conceal her glee when she was told to leave her family and home for the palace for training. Although she had not seen her large family in many years she didn't missed them.

"Where were you Vita?" said the Prince only just loud enough for her to hear.

"In the Library, borrowing more books." She answered, trying not to star at the amazingly handsome face of Aubrey, who as you can guess is the Prince sat to her right.

"You and your books," He half whined, "let me guess, advanced magic for the beginner?" Missing the sarcasm she answered.

"No, I had that one out a month ago very interesting as well." He laughed loudly. The teacher turned.

"Aubrey, please be quiet, Rosalie is trying to tell us about her vision." The youngest of the maids blushed and continued. The teacher soft curves and normally held a wild smile, which gave her a truthfully kind look, because she was kind and considerate. Vita began to listen to Rosalie, whom had to start again after being interrupted.

"I first had it three days ago I told Miss but she thinks I should tell you. Well nobody feel offended but it involves a lot of you." Rosalie's eyes fell onto Vita. "Well it starts with a boy. I don't recognize him but he was about 15 years old. He has black hair and the darkest of gray eyes. Power was ebbing out of him it was like black mist. He seemed unaware of his power but he could be incredibility dangerous if he remains untrained. Then I saw Vita, she was so dark and turned evil and angry. I then see the boy and Vita arguing, then shortly afterward Vita leaves and Aubrey argues with the boys. The boy becomes upset and in his rage he destroys the palace. Then I see my sister dead in the rubble." Tears rolled down her cheek, her eldest sister came over and hugged her. The teacher ran out of the room and came back quickly.

"I have sent a rider to search for this boy. Thank you for that Rosalie. Now who else has something to ask?" Vita raised her hand. The teacher nodded so Vita knew she had seen her. "I will discuss anything you have read and don't understand later." Vita smiled, she stayed behind every lesson. Vita enjoyed her time alone with her teacher. Vita worked as a dancer or magician, whenever the King had visitor whom he wanted to entertain. Which wasn't often but it meant Vita didn't have to pay for living accommodations and got paid every time. Her monthly 'pocket money' from her father was meant to pay for her accommodations but he didn't know she was working. So If she wasn't reading or studying with her teacher she would be out buying witches tools and ingredients for potions or even buying a book for her own library when she was married. After the lesson something unusual happened. Aubrey came over and whispered in her ear.

"In two hours meet me at the stone bench in the rose garden." Then he left without a backward glance.

Her study with her teacher only lasted an hour so Vita went back to her room to make her self more presentable. She brushed her silver white hair and plaited it, tied it with a white ribbon to match her gray eyes and her flowing silver dress under her black cloak. She pulled the hood of her cloak as she left her room and darted down towards the gardens.

As she reached the edge of the rose garden she swore. Looking at the maze of scarlet roses she tired to remember the map, she had looked in the history of the castle, a year or so ago. Then taking a deep breath entered the garden.

On her way through the maze she found nearly all the dead ends and saw many of the wooden benches. In not to long she heard a fountain of violent swearing.

"Prince Aubrey, is that you?" She shouted,

"Ah Vita," He called, "Yes it is me. Did you mean to be late or were you just lost I the maze?"

"Lost and I think I still am." At this reply, he laughed.

"Just roughly follow the sound of my voice, and I saw sing you a song I wrote." And he did. It was a song in an old language, which she understood. It was about a girl of power and mystery. Eventually she found an entrance or better describe as an arch of the reddest of roses. She walked into a room sized space in the middle of which was another rose plant but the blooms were black. On the stone bench behind the rose sat Aubrey smiling widely. His blonde hair was lighter in the moonlight and his brown eyes sparkled like stars. He got up and walked towards her. "Did you like the song?"

"It was very beautiful, your majesty. Is song writing what you do in your spare time?" He laughed again and shook his head.

"No, this song was a one off written for a very special person." He smiled widely.

"Who? May I ask?" She asked innocently.

"You will find out soon enough."