She ran up to the deck nothing could have prepared her. A giant sea serpent had clung to the front of the ship and laughing just above it was a woman, at Vita thought it was a women, because the being he no real shape and her body was made of shadow except her eyes and her wings, which were like the deep sea. Vita walked into the centre of the ship pulling her sword from its sheath.

"Hey FISH!" She shouted at the serpent, repeat under her breath, 'I will not run away, I will not run away'. One of its slimy tentacles came her way; with a swift swing she severed it. The creature cried out the women stopped laughing and watched intently as the creature sent more of its extra limbs her way. As if dancing Vita skipped round them and swung cut deep into it's flesh if not removing the limp. As the creature slowly gave it released the ship, retrieving the remainder of it green tentacles. Vita jumped into the air sword putted down she raced toward the creature's head, the blade cutting through its skull and into its tiny brain. Vita withdrew the sword as the creature sank beneath the waves. Vita landed back on the ship a cheer erupted from the crew, she had forgotten about the woman.

"Girl!" She turned the women was hovering barely three metres away. "You killed my serpent girl!" Vita rolled her eyes.

"Der." She teased. The woman was getting angry it was obvious but Vita didn't know how she could tell.

"Don't taunt Aquarius, girl unless you want me to end your life." Vita hovered of the ground.

"Unless you haven't noticed, I'm not just a 'girl' I am the White Angel and you should stop threatening me unless you want me to end your life." There was a sharp intake of breath from the crew. The woman, Aquarius hissed loudly.

"I'll be back for you. GIRL!" Then she vanished. Vita rolled her eyes put herself back down and walked straight to the entrance to bellow deck so she could check up on Theo. He was still out cold. She lifted him off the floor with strength she did not know she possessed. Laying him down on his bunk then retrieved her book of spells from her bag. She flicked through the pages of spells till she found the one she wanted. Chanting she placed a hand over the large bump on Theo's head her hand shone white and the lump below her hand vanished. Theo came to, staring at her with wide eyes.