We are best friends,
And best friends we shall stay,
But before I continue on,
There's something I need to say.

I love you so much,
I could never let go,
But I fear we are drifting,
No matter how we row.

But this happens within friendships,
It's sad but it is true,
This is yet another poem,
Dedicated to only you.

Although we may set free,
As the time wears on,
You are my dearest friend,
To which no letter shall say 'from'.

'Love' is more like it,
As you are my best,
Just promise me one thing,
For our friendship never to rest.

Just promise me one thing,
No matter what I do,
Please never do hate me,
For I could never you.

Just promise me one thing,
Don't let your self get hurt,
And if you ever do,
It's to me I hope you turn.

Just promise me one thing,
With your soul and heart,
Never let our friendship go,
Even when we come to part.

Love you always Dana.
Love Siobhan.