I watch you from my eyes,
Never can I touch,
Although I whisper your name,
You shall never see me,
Although I admire you,
I know you know naught of me,
Although my heart beats faster,
When you walk by,
You shant set eyes on me.

I can cry a tear,
Because of this thought,
But what's the point,
You can't comfort me,
So I'll sit here silently,
Always watching,
And every once in a while,
I just may indulge.

I may crawl to the TV,
Reach out a trembling hand,
And gently touch the TV's silver surface,
Gently touch your face.
And although you're hidden behind glass,
And you belong to so many others.
I can still love you.
Can't I?

By Siobhan
Date: 22.Febuary.2004