Fly Away

Take up these wings and fly away

O'er sun-licked meadows

And silver spotted glades.

Soar up high into the stars,

Drift into eternity's arms.

Rest your head in Venus' lap,

Listen to the rollicking tales of Mars' youth.

Close your eyes and journey on

Through ancient valleys of olden days,

Expand the horizon of thought and space.

Cup your silken hands

And drink of the stream in Eden.

Then come gentle morning,

Spread your wings once more,

And fly upon Dawn's ethereal light,

Welcome the world to a new day's blaze.

Race through dew glistened valleys,

Perch upon the highest peak,

Sing for joy of unchallenged bliss,

Breath in the moisture of contentment,

Embrace your yonder fate.

Just remember this day,

Never allow it to slip away,

Remember this day,

That you took up your feathered wings,

And flew away.