Stripped of Innocence


Trying seems useless.

I open my eyes.

My black and white world,

Is now a grey one I despise.


The pain and sorrow,

Wounds opened anew,

I'll never recover,

From nightmares of you.


Never will recover,

Innocence is lost.

I never will forgive you

For the pain you caused.


Stripping a child,

Of purity and of hope.

You should burn in hell.

I'll never be able to cope.


What you did,

Makes me ill.

You should pay,

And I know you will.


My God will help me,

Protect me true.

But he will only

Turn his back on you.


So on the Day of Judgment,

As I with the angels sing,

You will be with Lucifer

And I will be the King.


Tainted Muse