Andrew's guitar

I begged and begged and begged,
and he wouldn't let me have it!
I offered him money (it didn't work),
and he still wouldn't let me have it.
So, for a while, I gave up.
I was stuck with a ukulele

Then, today I tried again.
He wouldn't pick up the phone.
So I left a quick message,
"Can I borrow the guitar?"
And I was still stuck with
a ukulele

He didn't call
or e-mail me back.
But he DID e-mail
He said yes. Yes!
I could borrow his

I took it out of his closet,
admiring its size,
and how LOUD
it looked like it
could be.
I set it up,
so excited!
I got out my music
and dreams.

It's missing the cord
that connects it
to the amp.