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Chapter 1: Big Brother, Little Brother

"Now, sons, today is the day that you will compete to be king. I know that you know that I will not play favorites, I love you both the same. You will have to complete this obstacle course," he held out his paw, "and you will start by making your way under these logs lifted off the ground by rocks, then you will have to climb up a rock wall. At the top of that, there will be two sticks on a string; tied from one tree to another, grab one in your teeth and slide down from the wall to the ground. Once there, you will run a short distance to a field of rocks, when you get through those, it's a run to the finish line. Once there, whoever comes in first, is the new king of this Stryoka tribe, Yeekola. Now, I must be going if I have to meet you at the finish line." Kilijambaro turned and walked towards the course after instructing his sons for the competition.
"Good luck, big brother, you're gonna need it!" Moetatsu said, giving Apello a friendly slap on the back. Moetatsu was a big Stryoka male, with red fur at his paws, rising up to meet a light blue, which gave the effect that he was always on fire, and a light purple underside that didn't quite fit him. His mane, being a smoky orange, gave the effect of smoke, and his horns curled high and curved in at the top. His dark green eyes flickered with challenge toward his brother as he lowered his paw.
"Heh, only in the running part will I need luck, brother." Apello replied, a slight smile on his face. His horns curled high and pointed at the top, like his father's, Kilijambaro. Apello's body was dark purple, which melted into a creamy red with a dark orange mane and light green eyes. Apello was very muscular, his only weakness against his brother being running. He turned his attention to the obstacle course, his keen eyes searching every nook and cranny for a chance of advantage. Just then Moetatsu tapped him on the back. "Your maiden is here, Milord," he said, mocking a servant.
"Moonflicker!" Apello's voice was full of excitement and love. They had not been able to see each other for weeks, Moonflicker's father had been very sick: keeping her busy. She was a beautiful violet female Stryoka. Her underside went perfectly with the rest of her body, being an aqua green. On her face, her purple fur quickly changed to a dark blue circle in the middle of her forehead, then leading a trail of six smaller ones running under her eyes on each side, and half way up her black, curled horns, they curved back towards her mane. As she ran towards Apello, her maroon mane and dark blue eyes gleamed in the sunlight. Moonflicker bumped her head gently against his, and then nuzzled into his soft mane. Apello greeted her with a lick on the cheek, and Moonflicker returned his gesture.
"All right, break it up, love birds. The competition is about to begin," Moetatsu said, a faint laugh in his voice. They started down the hill, away from their underground cave, to the race. When they got there, there was great commotion: everyone chattering, placing bets, and rooting for their favorite. Moetatsu was disgusted at this. "Humph, they're acting like this is just another game! This is serious! Placing bets like warthogs! Ugh...." he said. Sighing, the three took their places; Moetatsu and Apello at the start line, and Moonflicker in between her two best friends, Nezumi and Xerkses.
All of the sudden, Nezumi flew into the air, stretching her great green wings. She met another Stryoka there; her closest friend in the world, Kage-Neko. Then the green and black stryokas came down and landed next to Moonflicker.
Nezumi was all a light green, with an even lighter green on her underside, a dark green mane, the lower half of her feathery wings a dark green, a yellow marking on her face that came down beneath her eyes that looked like a two-sided wave, and bright gold eyes. And her black horns curved back at the tip.
Kage-Neko was all black with a bright yellow diamond between his twisted, gray horns, bright silver eyes, and on the bottom of his black dragon-like wings was a dark gray coming up halfway to meet black. "So, who do you want to win, Nezumi?" Moonflicker asked. Nezumi turned her head to the two stryokas at the start line.
"Well, just for competition, I'm going to root for Moetatsu!" Nezumi replied. If Apello won, then he and Moonflicker would get married that night, but if not, then they would have to wait until all the celebration parties were over. Nezumi knew that Moonflicker wanted Apello to win, so she chose the other for a little fun. "And what about you, Xerkses?" Moonflicker looked at the light blue, immortal lion sitting next to her. His purple Mohawk mane slightly fell to the side as he turned his head and spoke.
"I have no one person that I am hoping to win, I like them both," he said, turning his head back. Then a light breeze came and they all fell silent, enjoying the cool feeling caress their fur. Xerkses faced it, squinting his dark yellow eyes and unusually shaped pupils. 'The wind tastes harsh today, there will be troubles tonight,' Xerkses thought to himself.
Moonflicker eyes searched the crowd for stryokas she knew. 'Hmmm, where's Kemikal!? There's Mom, Jublee, Neeka, and Lrenaké. But where's Kemikal?' Moonflicker thought. She suddenly heard the sound of trampling foot paws, and then she turned her head and saw her big brother Kemikal next to Xerkses. "Hey, Kemikal! Where were you? Helping Dad, I presume?" Moonflicker asked. Kemikal was so out of breath that he couldn't even talk, so he just nodded. Suddenly she felt a light tapping on her shoulder, and she turned to find Nezumi. "Hey! Kage says he wants Apello to win!" she said. "Oh, really?" Moonflicker replied, her voice sounding surprised. "Yep! I'm with you," Kage-Neko said, leaning out to see Moonflicker in front of Nezumi. They both heard Nezumi mumbling like she was annoyed at the fact that Kage-Neko didn't agree with her, so they laughed. Just then they heard the announcer.
"Alright! Ready, and GO!!!!!" he shouted, and Moetatsu and Apello sped off, under the logs. Moonflicker couldn't tell who was ahead because they were under the logs, all she could see was dust raising from the cracks, and once in a wile a log would be bumped up when their backs hit them. Then, to Moonflicker's dismay, Moetatsu came out first, followed closely by Apello. Moetatsu jumped as hard and as high as he could to get a good start on the climbing wall, wile Apello ran to it and just started to climb. Moetatsu slipped a little, and hesitated, letting Apello come even with him. Climbing up the wall vigorously, Moetatsu was determined to become king. He had always wished for a place higher than his brother, as most siblings will do. Apello found a small ledge to get on, and he set all his goals to that for a moment. He carefully hoisted himself on the small platform, focused his eyes on the top ledge, and got ready to jump. Moetatsu saw this and knew that if he made it, it would give a big advantage to winning, so he shoved a cloud of dirt, sand, and rocks in Apello's face, and continued climbing. Apello roared in agony as the dust filled his eyes, and felt a shower of rocks along his body. After the dust cleared, he looked up and saw Moetatsu almost all the way up. Apello braced himself for the highest jump that he had ever made in his life. The muscles in his legs were tense, as was the moment, and then he unleashed all his power in a mighty jump. His feet quickly left the ground, and he felt as if he were flying through the air. Suddenly he hit ground, half way up, and just ahead of Moetatsu. He lifted himself up onto the top, and ran for the stick.
He gripped it hard in his mouth and slid down. He let go of the stick a little too early, and tumbled on the ground a bit, and Moetatsu landed perfectly, giving him a nice head start on the run. Apello quickly got up and chased after his little brother. "Always was the slow one, weren't you?!" Moetatsu yelled back. Apello growled and pushed on. He could hear the foot paws of his brother ahead of him, pounding the ground with determination. But he pushed on.
Moetatsu beat Apello to the rock field, and jumped skillfully over the first few. When Apello first got to the rocks he saw Moetatsu look back and stick out his tongue at him. Unfortunately this messed up Moetatsu, causing him to trip and stumble, rolling over the rocks. He yelled as his whole body was bruised from the sharp rocks, he rolled softly onto the top of a flat rocks, and lay there for a minute. As soon as he saw Apello pass him, he got right back up and into the competition, pain slowing him down.
'I'm almost there,' Apello thought as he left the rock field behind, 'I might just win!' Apello could hear Moetatsu close behind, his heavy paw steps and ragged breathing gave him away. Apello gulped, closed his eyes and ran for the finish line. He could feel the wind blowing through his fur, through his mane, whipping at him like an angry snake. The crowd was cheering loudly, and the suspense made freeze inside for just minute, but his mind kept pushing on. 'Are they cheering for me, or Moetatsu?' he thought. He then heard a loud voice just in front of him.
"HALT!!!" It said, and Apello screeched to a halt, opening his eyes to his own fathers surprised face. "What, do you plan on running me over?" he asked, a slight laugh in his deep voice. The scarred red and blue lion looked past Apello, and Apello's head followed. To his surprise, Apello saw Moetatsu just stepping over the line, a look of shock and dismay across his anger stricken-face. "Congratulations, son. You are now king of the Yeekola tribe." Kilijambaro, the former king of his tribe, bowed to his son, as did everyone else there. "All hail your new king!!" Kilijambaro commanded. There was a deafening roar from the crowd, and Apello just stood there, out of breath and shocked. "Let us go and celebrate!!" Kilijambaro roared and gave his son a friendly slap on the back, "Come on son, er, king. Let's go get you ready for your wedding." Kilijambaro smiled and walked toward the den with his son as Moonflicker, Nezumi, Kage- Neko, Xerkses, and Kemikal came running towards them.

After the wedding, there were feasts and parties galore. Celebrations of every kind were happening that night, and lucky for Apello, Moetatsu wasn't mad at him. Even the cubs were running around and celebrating. Singing their favorite songs. Oooooooooh, there once lived a little lion, Who obeyed his parents like no other, He would heed their every word and say "Okay!" But one day.... He left his parents against their will, And went playing in the mud with friends, And he came home and said to them, "I had fun today, how about that?!" The adults were playing games merrily and also singing songs. All commotion stopped at the sound of a sudden scream just outside the den, then they heard her words, "KILIJAMBARO IS DEAD!!!!!"