Purple and pink lines grazing the sun-setting sky
As petals swoosh down from the rose bushes up high
And the winged creatures finish their last tune
The moon will invest the sky, only all too soon.
We lay here on the ruffled leaves and sleek grass
Butterflies sift in the air, watching as they pass
As it is only their last day of alternating beauty
Looking over to you, aesthetic staring back at me
Palpitations from your vibrancy, beauty never lacks
This night, something that could never come back
As this still moving night could not be replaced
A night so mesmerizing, the most beauteous night faced
Fluorescent colors glow on the pond, from the sunset
Sleepy eyes almost prevail you, but do not slumber yet
For we will not encounter a sunset again such as this
As your pensive eyes penetrate me, I capture a sweet kiss
Treasuring this exhilarating moment enclosed in memory
Time spent together, a tacit without personalizing the glory
Dragonflies skipping erratically over the flowing stream
The stars soon appearing, reflect in the water and gleam
Wrapping your arms around me like a silk blanket
Your smooth skin melting and entwining the closer we get
Sharing kisses and looking at the shifting sky
Cream and white lines graze the new night sky high
As the sunset has faded into the darkness falling
Like this was supposed to be our romantic calling
The air soon deepens into the coldness midriff
Molding together as our lips moving, soon become stiff
Clamorous cries, sunset surpassed, you say it is a gift
And there will be other times of euphoria and bliss
I take in the words and nestle close in your grasp
I close my eyes to formulate a fantasy night with you
But I apprehend we will endure this another time
Our voices drown in the wind like dangling chimes
But your gorgeous figure never leaving my mind
Lying under the stars, is something I could not find
Although I avidly want this night to last perpetually
To lie in your arms, in this peaceful place eternally

A/N: I hope this poem doesn't seem like it is too forced. although I did
work very hard on it and I'm sorry if the rhyme scheme sucks =P This is not
my usual style of writing but oh well, as long as my lady likes this huh?
(Right my sweetness? Hehe) Sorry maybe it's not proper grammar because
there's no punctuation but hey! I hope you enjoyed.