By:Andrew Troy Keller

On February the 22nd,a new cop named David Barrymore has been transfered to the Chicago Police Department's vice squad,whose commanding officer,Lt. Bruce Glaser has been with the force for nine years--and so far,nothing has been to phase him.

But that was until he had given David his first assignment,which was to put a halt to a prostitution scheme that was involving 42 year old North Side woman,her 18 year old daughter and a 22 year old woman.

As soon as he has recieved his ride and changed into his undercover outfit,David had drove over to the residence of Joanne Keller,the 42 year old woman who has been pimping her 18 year old daughter,Jenny ever since she was 14 and addicted to heroin.

After he had arrived at the Keller residence,David--in his undercover role of 'Noah Hughes'--has introduced 'himself' to Joanne and told her that he had noticed her advertisement for 'erotic school girls' in a recent issue of a free weekly newspaper and called her to meet and make some certain arrangements with her.

And after having discussed it for a minute or two,Joanne had finally agreed to have Jenny meet with him for 600 dollars and 'Noah' had agreed with that arrangement.

And with that,it had seemed to be that shutting down Joanne's prostitution ring was about to become reality.

But that was before something had happened that was totally unexpected--even for him,for after he had left Joanne's place and drove over to a local Mickey Dee's for some lunch,he had suddenly found himself looking at the most beautiful blue eyes on Earth.

And as he had found out,those eyes were the ones of a beautiful 22 year old woman named Sheila Haze,who has also walked into the same Mickey Dee's for her lunch.

After they had looked at each other and let out a smile,it had became very clear to them that they had suddenly fallen in love with each other.

The only problem with that was Sheila's employer was none other than Joanne Keller,who was pimping both Sheila and Jenny in a sex for money racket--and she was afraid that if she were to tell David what her real occupation was,everyone would look at her like she was Typhoid Mary for the rest of her life.

But that was before the police raid on Joanne's place,which was when David had told Sheila that he really didn't care about what her occupation was,he would keep on loving her with all of her heart.

And believe it or not,it was because of such an act of true love that Sheila had decided to give up the life of prostitution for good.

As for her future with David,just go over to 10935 Kent Drive and ask for David and Sheila Haze-Barrymore.

Just tell them that their old friend,Bruce Glaser said 'Hi'.