Shoes. "These little darlings have been a source of comfort and protection to the human foot for centuries". Such a statement would not have astonished you in the very least if it had been made by King Louis the sixteenth. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to welcome you to the twenty-first century! In the modern world, pain is beauty and beauty is a shoe with a large, pinpoint heel or one having some other glitter and glam effect. Of course, beauty requires money. For example, when visiting prominent stores such as Prada, you might ask yourself, "Am I paying for a shoe or a 2004 Benz?" . Of course, comfortable footwear hasn't completely disappeared from the window shops just yet. There are still sneakers and low-heel shoes in stores. That is, if high top and high bottom sneakers actually fall under the category of comfortable footwear. For instance, just last week a girl from my gym class was sent to the emergency room on account of a fractured ankle. " I don't understand", she cried incredulously. "I was wearing sneakers like she told us to!" She then held up a running slipper with a heel the size of my Global Studies textbook for proof. Many people refuse to wear high top sneakers and resort to wearing more comfortable shoes, such as platforms and flats, which just happen to have six-inch heels.

" Help me, save me", those terrorized feet plead, while thousands of knives and needles cut into their skin. Oh wait, those aren't knives! They're only the spikes on the boots of the biker. Even Cinderella must have secretly burst into tears at the end of the fairy-tale. Be sure to look out for shoes made out of metal and gold during the next few years. "Oh how it shines!".