She strides with a grace unknown to mankind

Overcome with compassion, such gems take time to find

Enveloped with endless veils, her inner self dies

Abandoned treasure, submitted to treachery and lies

Comprehension of her needs is what most lack

Instead, what seems different to them, they attack

For nature has taken an enigmatic course

It has unleashed, not a white stallion, but a black exotic horse

Her mane illuminates the sky

a glowing aura none can deny

An entranced essence, a mystical soul

a nature as bleak and dark as coal

As time passes, the sun begins to set

but wait, her destiny has not yet met it's end

A brilliant future awaits her now

This too, i can truly avow

As she gets a year older, her roots spread

treading waters she has never tread

With each passing year, a legacy grows.

this gift to you i hope to bestow

To Be happy and healthy, be nice and unique

and not to be too much of a freak!!!

: To seek love and knowledge throughout your day

To wash your sorrows and fears away

To maintain your inner beauty, and not to go astray

as for outer beauty, i wish you won't go gray.