Ultimate Denial

They are bereft of loved ones, of ones that once were tangible and real

Their extreme suffering, endless torture, do you think they feel this to be ideal?

Do you truly believe that ability to change and let go is what one feels?

Yet, reality persists, it bites them to their core,

It leaves them shaking, aching, sore

But no... they won't face it,

How can they possibly embrace it?

They try time and time again to deface it

Creating a fantasy world takes much less effort

They think of watching sunrises with their loved ones, their memories they sort

"Daddy look, I see grandpa waving to us from the sky", a child cries

"No darling, he just went away on a business trip", to deceive, he tries

They visit the grave, a stolid face, and not even a tear

Why not, you might inquire? For they believe he is still here

They don't seem to comprehend that he has departed

That their perpetual pangs of agony have not even started

Years pass, their hopes and beliefs rapidly fade

Their hopes change from pure white to a dismal, dusky shade

It is now vividly clear in their minds that their loved ones have passed, left them behind

That they now, for the last time, must loosen this treacherous bind.


He has a stolid appearance, a glacial semblance

Yet, his soft inner self bears no resemblance

The sun's dazzling rays just now appear on the horizon

Only, he has long since risen

HE returns when the moon illuminates the sky, so fine

Overcome with Lassitude, yet not showing a sole outer sign

NO one knows of his extreme trepidations

no one gets even the smallest sensation

And so he conducts his life, day in and day out

Being torn from within, yet not giving a shout

The suffering he feels is interminable, endless

For, he toils in the fields, collapses in the snow, painless?

Ligaments torn, heart shattered,

NO one has ever seen a body so battered.

A man living in solitude , a pitiful man so alone and proud

He falls to his death with gratitude, when the Almighty allows