I never really thought of life as being hard.
Sure there were tough times, but you always got over them didn't you, you
always succeeded.
And that's how life was, for we wouldn't be here if we weren't meant to be.
That saying, 'God only gives us what we can hold'.
Well, it's true.
Sometimes I may feel like jumping out of a building,
And ending it there and then.
But then you are basically saying to life,
'I give in; you've killed me sooner than when I was meant to pass away. You
And you don't want to give into life, do you?
It's like giving into your worst enemy.
Although, life isn't your worst enemy, it can be your best friend sometimes
and even your only friend, when times get real rough.
But after all that, life really is, just a death sentence.
Yet, every second, of every passing day heading you towards that death
Is filled with misery, mirth, laughter and smiles, tear and frowns, shouts
and whispers, hate and love.
You go through so many terrible times, but then that equals to all the
happy times you have.
All the times you can look back and laugh or smile at a good or bad memory.
For in the end, does it really matter?
Your memory's don't, not to you. True they might be a nice thing to look
back on, but there is no real use for them. At least, not to you. But you
matter to the people around you.
For you will inevitably pass away, and your memories will go to waste.
It's a pity, but it's true.
Yet, although yours go to waste, your affect on other people does not.
You help other people throughout their life, even if it doesn't affect you
in any way.
e.g., Saddan Husan, his memory's no one cares about, and there is a good
reason to that.
But the impact he has made on man kind altogether, is amazing.
He has brought people together as one, to fight him.
And throughout all the wars and hurt and suffering, the one thing which
really means something, is us.
We have all been brought together by one man, one man so cruel and sinful,
he should not be bound to this earth, one man with a barrier of fire so
hot, even the devil fears to cross it.
You see, through all of the tough times, come memories, and these memories
may not help you in anyway, but they are memoirs of how you have helped
someone else, whether you new it or not, whether you wanted to or not.
And in the end, I guess life is tough.
But you learn from you mistakes; and you decide that although life may be a
death sentence, at least it's worth living.
Whether it's for you, or for someone else.

By Siobhan
Date: 23/Febuary/2004