January 1

Wow! Wow wow wowity wow. Today has been just fab. And I'm just so…warm and fuzzy! I feel as bubbly as the champagne that exploded all over my living room at the party.

Well, I hosted this little shindig for me and my pals and my pals' boyfriends to ring in the New Year (I've always thought that's such a cute phrase). It was really nice and I'd decided that I'd tell Brenda and Mimi the big news there. But it turned out that we ALL had big news to share, because when I stood on my couch and announced that I had something important I wanted to tell them, Brenda and Mimi both leaped up and said, "Me too!!!" in perfect unison. It looked like it had been planned! Anyway, they said I could go first so I did: First of all, I broke up with that cop guy. Of course there was much raucous and hoo-hah about that, but I told them the truth- I have to be independent, I can't have a guy tying me down, at least not right now. And the second piece of big news: A local dinner theater is putting on Guys and Dolls and I was cast as Adalaide. Hey, it's not Broadway but it's a start. Everyone was really happy for me- even Kevin and Daniel who don't even, like, know me! They clapped and I took a bow.

Then Mimi told us- she's gonna go to college! It's a community college but she says she really wants an education and she wants to get a better job than SuperMart, no offense to Kevin. He said not at all and that he loved her and was proud of her. She's starting ASAP. Everyone clapped.

And then Brenda (and Daniel) told us her (their) news (drumroll pleeease…): THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! Everyone clapped for that news too. I clapped until my hands were absolutely sore. And then I said that we were all so fab that we should have a round of applause for ourselves and we did.

We watched the ball drop together and cheers-ed at midnight. And I said, "Here's to old friends and new beginnings!" And I got nose bubbles and a little tear as I downed my champagne.