Angel's Of Death

This story is sorta crappy, I don't like it even though I made it!, I got lazy in the end you'll see

TJ's P.O.V.

It was a normal Monday morning,TJ was a security guard for a company called "Versacorp"

He was a happy security guard, never complained.

One day,as he was on duty he saw this beautiful girl walk through the revolving door.

He was gonna go say good morning to her, but he didn't.He had to go to the washroom.

As he was in the washroom, he could here gunshots,he quickly finished up in the washroom, and went out to see what was happening,when he went out to the front desk, he realized that the main floor's guards were all dead, and that everybody on this floor was dead but him. He took the elevator to the 26th floor,to where the boss was located, when the elevator door opened, he saw his boss dead, and he fainted.

When he awoke, he saw police cops,all over taking pictures.A lady detective asked him if he saw this girl,TJ said yes I did see that girl, the lady detective then told him that she was an assasin, and that he'd better watch out.TJ nodded and then went home, he later died of a heart attack.

Angel of Death P.O.V.

Hey, sister, I killed the boss of Versacorp, and it's all thanks to teamwork!
Sister2-Great job!
SIster1-I also want to let you know that I think I missed killing a guard.
Sister2-It's ok he's probably at a therapy ward talking to the therapist about how 1 person killed lots of guards.
sister1-ya, I hope so.

***Sometime next week***

Sister2-Aight we need to assasinate the president of that building right there,*points*
Sister1-Ok, sure, lets do this right now,*both sister's go into a building opposite of the target building*
Sister2-Ok,Glass is cut.
Sister1-*takes out sniper* *aims,and fires*
SIster2-good job let's get out of here!

*they both leave*

As they are leaving in they're Mitsubishi Eclipse, a bodyguard of the man they assasinated see's them, and see's the sniper in the back of the car.He reports this to the Vice President.

A few days later,Sister2 is out buying a cake at a local bakery, when she encounters the lady detective, she steals A car, and starts to drive away, the lady detective is in a car chasing her,the lady detective calls for backup,and she set's up road blocks,Sister2 takes out her phone and starts calling Sister1

***On the Phone***

Sister1-Fine, you always ruin my date with Chad anyways...
*Hangs up*
sister1-umm..Chad,I have to run, my sister needs help on choosing a dress again, sorry maybe we can meet another time?
Chad-Yes,sure, although I wish your sister would stop bugging us.
Sister1-Ok,next date will be tomorrow at the beaches at 5:00pm, I assure you there will be no distractions.
*quickly kisses Chad goodbye and then heads home*

***AT Home,and on the computer***

Sister2-Ok, let's see here, on our satellite, it says here that you are on 6th street and heading northwest,hey make a quick right!
Sister1-Yay, I made it in the alleyway!
Sister2-Good now keep going straight.
*sister2 just see's bad guys at her house through her camera, 5 guys at the back,3 guys in the front,2 guys at the side*
*takes out a pistol, and kills all the guys*
Sister1-Where were you?,the lady detective is still behind me and is gaining up on me!
Sister2-Ok, about 500m from where you are,there's a small opening for 1 car only, if u make it through, I can close the gate from here

Just as sister1 finished saying that sentence, sister2 was shot in the back once,she looked at the camera screen and saw a guy behind her, she couldn't do anything or speak, *bang* sister2 was shot again, as she was falling down slowly to the ground she used all of her strength,pressed the close gate button just before she died.

***On the Phone***

Sister1-Sister, we did it, I made it,thank you so much, i'll be home soon, thanks again, in exchange for your silence i'll buy you some cake!!

***The walkway before the house***

Sister1-Ahhh!!! what are all these dead bodies!,Sister!!! where are you?
*sister1 takes out a pistol and drops the cake and goes inside her house,she see's that the whole house is a mess,she see's blood splattered on the floor,the computer monitors, and the keyboard,she looks at the floor behind the desk and see's her sister lying dead*
Sister1-No,sister! no no no no!!!
*sister1 cries and then puts a blanket over her dead sister and then see's 2 sticky notes on the screen, one says,"You Kill our boss we kill the person who does it your next" the second one says,"tomorrow meet at beaches at 5 for date" sister1 goes to her room and takes out some money. she then leaves for a hotel*

***The next day around 5:00pm***

*Chad is walking around the beaches area,constantly looking at his watch, thinking where is his date*
*at approx: 5:35pm sister1 comes and talks to chad*

Sister1-Are you my sister's boyfriend?
Chad-Yes, where is your sister! I've been waiting for so many minutes!!
Sister1-I'm sorry to say this to you, but she died yeterday,sorry about that...
*without any warning there were 2 quick shots from a gun from somewhere,both Chad and Sister1 died*