This Life
This life can be easy,
But other times it can be hell,
Everyday is a new one,
But this messed up life is still hell,
What difference does it make to run?
All your doing is adding another problem,
Another problem to all those you already got,
With each passing day, your hatred for life grows,
When you show your arms and wrists,
They think your crazy because of the scars,
Maybe they dont know your cutting or smoking,
You want to run but you cant,
Cause its either you or your Mother,
You guys get hit and abused by the Father,
The Father is always drunk,
He can be real nice when hes sober,
The only problem is hes never sober,
One day your sick of this life,
You just cant take it anymore,
Some preppie girl just had to mock you at school,
You go home, see your Mother drenched in blood,
Your father isnt around so you go to the phone,
When you call the police you tell them about your Mother,
After that you go upstairs and grab your razor,
Only 1 cut and theres your blood,
You hear the sirens before you leave this world,
Theres only 1 question running through your head,
"What will Mother do now since shes free of this hellhole?"

By: Jessica Anderson