Janley and Jarianne are fraternal sister twins and most people have trouble distinguishing one from the other; I managed early on in the first year I knew them in 9th grade. Usually we sit together at lunch at one of the more secluded tables in the Library furthest from the front desk so no one will spot us eating our food. Leki and Jenni, are their nicknames, childhood corruptions of each other's names because of pronunciation difficulties, but now become references to one another. Jenni is also in my first period English class and we all happen to 'group' together in order to review the chapter before the short reading quiz.

"Hey Aldallia"

"Heey Aldallia, understand that chapter we had to read? Because I didn't!"

Jenni, of course, knows the answer to that question and that is the joke because my Father happens to be a meteorologist so I am accustomed to the meteorological terms and events found in the book. The technical stuff that is.

"Hey Leki, hi Jenni. Heheh, actually yes I did. Oh and look who's coming, why, it is the most prestigious Hanson!"

I bow exaggeratedly in his direction causing everyone to laugh and him to smile. He and Jenni walk off together leaving Leki and I alone to chat. Sometimes we have nothing to talk about so I go off on a walk around the school to clear my head of unwanted thoughts, which, sadly never works and I only end up subjecting my mind to more torturous thoughts and dreams. But thankfully this time I was in the mood to chat. Leki had just finished reading her 19th century romance novel and was giving me an overview about it. Actually, I've been thinking about reading a few of them myself, just for a change of pace from the other classic literature I've been reading, mainly the philosophers. They're getting a bit dry.

The bell rings and its off to first period, which for me, is my favorite class and I'm glad that I chose this one instead of Chemistry. ItÕs agreed amongst a good majority of the class that we should record our antics for future amusement. Especially when we group together to review for last night's reading, which as we all know was done on the way over to the school.

"Aldallll-lia! Pound cake!"

That would be Felanie asking, as she does everyday, for food. Since I do not eat the lunch I am sent with, (rarely do I ever) I tend to part with it willingly. I'd rather feed those who need and want it more than I do. Felanie can be best classified as the anorexic-dancer type because she is so thin and white with a touch of a creamy yellow beneath her skin. Her neatly styled black hair ending at just below her shoulders belies the fact that her chin reminds one of comedian Jay Leno for its length. And cynical nature to match. The ballerina of the group, naturally she craves the lime light of the theater. A real nut for all that is dance.

Erene walks in with one bag strap hanging off a neat and trim shoulder topping a lean body occasionally dressed in black, which makes all the more apparent her lightly tanned skin. Slightly wavy brown hair bounces lightly with every step she takes, outlining a slightly more defined face, edges more apparent. I have to admit that we have grown closer since last year, her and Sasha both. They reminded me of this old pair of friends I knew in elementary who were inseparable, they also looked closely related that one could have mistaken them for sisters. Erene and Sasha are like that only they do not look alike. Sasha is a darker skin tone much like milk chocolate and just as smooth with a moderately athletic build to her body though she does no sports type activity but nor is she overweight. Mid length black crinkled hair that always looks like it was braided then unbraided frames a nicely rounded face with equally deep brown-black eyes.

Erene plants herself on my desk after dropping the somewhat cumbersome load of her bag to the floor. Five minutes to the bell and we are all reviewing last nightÕs (in all actuality it was this morning but Mr. Scruppel does not need to know that) reading. We all group around Tundra because she's got awesome reviewing skills; every time we review with her we all get A's.

After the quiz we are told that we have a project to do, another PowerPoint presentation. We have one every new grading period which greatly determines what grade we might end up with at the end. Not that IÕm worried as I am a nut for PowerPoint presentations. I was taught in sixth grade and since then have honed my skills, but it is still a pain in the ass to complete if you are lazy about documenting your sources. And that my friends, is what really ticks anyone off when doing a PowerPoint five minutes before its due and someone has the gall to try and boot you off the computer.

Naturally when one gets to work on a laptop, one tends to slip away from the assignment with every new pop-up window that advertises Ònatural male enhancementÓ. Instinctively one opens a window with search engine results and begins to stare intently at the screen, occasionally frowning over some trifle of data to keep up appearances. I happen to fall into the latter category and choose to update on my online journal than do research. Besides thereÕs all the trouble of transferring saved data from one computer to another, which can sometimes be a hassle.

Erene is my partner in crime at this point; we both have journal accounts at the same site and use it as a sort of instant messaging.

Felanie was prattling on about something to herself, ÒStupid computer, Why wonÕt you work!! Noo! DonÕt shut down!!Ó

ÒDali, my computer doesnÕt want to work, fix it.Ó

The problem was that Feli didnÕt hold down the start-up button long enough.

ÒThatÕs no fair! The computer likes you better!Ó

Mr. Scruppel, I think, likes to overhear the conversations in our corner of the room because we tend to say the oddest of thing. We also tend to give refreshing new ideas/interpretations on the reading.

Erene reads that on my most recent of posts and replies,

ÒWell duh! Whenever someone dies you laugh and say ÔHe deserved it.Õ Sometimes I worry about you, but then again its you so it doesnÕt surprise me.Ó

ÒHeheh, thanks Erene, that just makes me feel so loved!Ó

I reply as sarcastically yet lightly and as jokingly as I possibly can over the internet, Erene turns around in her seat directly in front of me to smile and shake her head as if to say: ÒWhat am I going to do with you?Ó

Mr. Scruppel then captures the attention of the class with his booming voice,

Ò You all have a few minutes left before the bell, I suggest you save and log off before I pull the plug.Ó

At this point, Lenny, the resident computer technician of the class and possibly the whole school, starts up with some bizarre-totally-out-of-context-comment about Internet hotspots. Most of the time no one is able to understand him so everyone goes silent but with confused expressions on their faces. I walk out of the class after putting the laptop back in the flotilla to recharge and wait in the hallway for Erene to come out. Unfortunately I have the worst luck with doors, especially that one, its like its out to get me. The door likes to swing back really fast to close so I stick out my foot to intercept but my knee ends up taking the damage. Erene walks out to find me limping and cursing at the door for its sheer lack of decency. Again she shakes her head smiling at my lunacy.

ÒSo computers favor you over Felanie eh? I wouldnÕt want to be any sort of electrical device in her possession. IÕd be too afraid sheÕd drop me or some other horrible accident, you know?Ó

ÒAnd then youÕd be able to go to Electrical-devices-owned-by-Felanie heaven!!Ó

Erene smirks while I laugh; Sasha jumps on Erene from behind nearly toppling them both to the floor. This brings about more laughter among them while I stand quietly smiling and watching.

ÒHey chicas, sup? I saw you guys cracking up over something.Ó

Says Sasha after composing herself to speech from a wide grin. Erene describes briefly what it was and I nod my head vigorously agreeing with wide eyes. The pair starts to talk among themselves as I leave with a non-responsive ÔGood byeÕ.

I head to homeroom where I usually stand because Edith, Manderine and Felix (mainly Felix) have switched seats and take mine if I donÕt get there on time. They usually do the crossword puzzle and try to solve it before the end of homeroom without the aid of adult minds, mainly Ms. Lamnosky who is gifted with godlike speed to finish it all within seconds. I exaggerate only a little. Truly she is a goddess. Another amusement is the advice column written by a dead older woman, amazing what some of these people say they need help in, IÕm amazed she doesnÕt just tell them all to see a shrink! Anyways homeroom is ten minutes long, just enough time to flip through notes before a test. TodayÕs schedule is even which means for me, several flaming hoops to jump throughÉliterally.