Welcome To The Squad

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had started in the City of Cleveland,Ohio on Monday,February the 23rd,which was when a new firefighter named Scott Druxman had arrived at the Squad 21 fire house,introduced himself to the squad's fire chief,John Baldwin and reported for work.

Just then,after he was tripped by an obnoxious fellow firefighter named Fred Brittenham and fallen right on his face,another fellow firefighter had ran over to Scott,held out her hand to him and asked him does he need a hand getting back up.

And as soon as he had looked up at his newfound friend,his eyes had grown wide as saucers,for he was looking at the one person who just happened to be the most beautiful woman on the face of the entire planet Earth.

But then,after she had helped Scott get back on his feet,John had walked into the room,kissed Scott's new friend on the cheek and introduced her as Jennifer Baldwin,his beloved daughter--and of course,that had nearly caused Scott to apologize for ever giving Jennifer the wrong idea about them.

But just as he was about to do so,Jennifer had wrapped her arms around Scott and asked John for permission to go out with him on a date or two,just before Fred had started laughing his head off.

Just then,after John had grabbed the Yellow Pages and hit Fred on the head with it,he had given his beloved little angel permission and welcomed Scott to the 21st Squad,one of the toughest firefighter units in the entire City of Cleveland.

And even though that really hadn't sat well with Fred,the rest of the 21st Squad had joined both John and Jennifer in welcoming Scott into their little loop.

Then suddenly,an emergency call had came in over the station house's PA system and alerted the squad that there was a four-alarm blaze roaring within an apartment building on the corner of West 51st Street and Bassinger Road.

And so,after the entire squad had gotten their gear on and placed themselves into their emergency vehicles,they had zoomed their way over to where the blaze was still burning--and each of them were relieved to discover that all of the building's occupants had gotten out of the danger zone.

That is all except for one,because after the 21st Squad had gotten out of their vehicles,Jennifer had ran over to a teary-eyed little boy and discovered that he was crying for his poor little puppy,who was still trapped within the building.

That--of course--had caused Jennifer to charge her way into the building,in order to rescue the puppy--and both Scott and Fred to follow her inside the same building,in order to make sure that she was able to get out of there alive.

After the trio had reached the apartment that the puppy was trapped inside of,Jennifer was about to use her fireaxe to chop the door down,so that they would've been able to get into the tentament and rescue the little pup.

But suddenly,she was shoved out of the way by Fred,who had refused to allow a woman to do the job that a man was truly capable of doing and used his fireaxe to smash the door into tiny bits.

Then,after Scott had helped Jennifer get back on her feet and Fred had finally smashed his way into the apartment,the trio had started to look around the smoke-filled room for the trapped puppy,which Jennifer had found after she had heard some barking coming from inside the bathroom.

And then,after both Scott and Jennifer had finally gotten opened the bathroom door and gotten the puppy out of the room,the trio were about to work their way out of the burning building,only to have a large burning wooden beam fall right on Jennifer and knock her out cold,causing Scott to try to figure out how to get himself and the three others out of the blaze without it heading towards them and burning themalive.

Just then,a split-second later,Fred had shoved the wooden beam off of Jennifer and told Scott to get her,himself and the puppy out of the blaze,while Fred tries to keep it under control with his fireaxe.

But then,just as Scott was about to do so,he had suddenly became shocked for Fred had also said something that he had never thought that Fred would've said to him ever--'Welcome to the squad!'

Then suddenly,after he had spotted the flames heading towards them and Fred getting ready to use his fireaxe on those flames,Scott had finally shrugged off the feeling of shock and gotten himself,Jennifer and the puppy out of the blaze.

But a few minutes later,after a grateful little boy had gotten his puppy back and while Jennifer was being checked on inside a nearby ambulance,the entire inner structure of the apartment building had finally collasped with no way for Fred to escape with his life.

A few weeks later,Scott and the rest of the 21st Squad had gave the deceased Fred Brittenham a true hero's funeral and said their heart felt goodbyes to a man who was obnoxious,but has a heart of pure gold.

As for both Scott Druxman and Jennifer Baldwin,it is now nine years later and both Scott and Jennifer Baldwin-Druxman are happily married and living in the City of Cleveland,Ohio with their bouncing baby boy,little Freddy Druxman.