Eyes of a yellow shade and pastels of blue
serenade a milky glow that devours his face.
But it's a face without a spirit
For the only folks who fear it
Are the one's who say that love is true.
And every day it's the same old picture
Disguising his nature to prove laughter is a healing fixture.
That little boys and girls adore
And the herds of cattle ignore.
But does it all make sense behind his picktett fence?
A soul left in the rain will rust away his taboo ice cream
From which renegades his name of shame.
It's just another day for him
But the backwards smile on his affixated grin
will cover up the sorrow of another mans tomorrow.
And yet he's left with nothing but a frown
For he is just another clown.
Searching for more than a while
A way to cast his smile.