Sitting here alone, tasting all my tears
This salt embodied water gives me energy in fear
And I want to shout out and let it be known
That love is a gift, one I am more than willing to loan
Because you're in there right now, breathing all of your last breathes
But god has forbid me to be the witness of your death
And yet I'm left with a memory of a mourning I once wept.
Now it's the evening and the sun and moon relapse
A million times over for a future I can't grasp
But you're still here, if only in my subconscience
Thriving on a gleam of light, an angel that won't leave us.
You will never vanish from my mind or in what dreams may come
For love is a gift you give for free to more than only one
But it's the gift you've given me that will echo throughout my life
A neverending story with one category that dulls the sharpest knife
Me and me alone cannot stand, but bring the two together and you've got a perfect hand
And going fishing with falling dominoes can lead the carp astray
But in my mind, my body, my spirit, I pray you everyday.
To be a beauty, a voice, a dove with white wings
My life, my choice, the words that make me sing
For love is the gift you gave me, all wrapped up in a bow
And living seems much brighter when you're wearing a halo.