I really don't know how to describe what happened to me recently, but I guess I'll start from the beginning. Ok, first off I'm not a very pretty girl then again I'm not very ugly either. But I love vampires I don't know why I just do. My mother used to let watch horror since I was like three years old. Normal everyday horror movies don't scare me at all. On with the story:

I was walking about the mall with my friend Chila but I had lost her in the bookstore. I also think she had walked off after this one guy she claims to look like a vampire. It didn't matter I was happy with my Anne Rice book I was reading on the bench in front of all the manga and anime comic books. I wasn't there long before I grew bored and started to become hungry. So I packed up my book and picked up the books and comic books I wished to acquire. As I got up I noticed one particular man staring at me over another Anne Rice book. The one I had yet to attain. Long black hair with a small section over his eye, the tip of it blood red, beautiful green eyes that looked good even from afar. He had dark skin, he wasn't black or brown, just a dark tan color.

He must have noticed I was staring because he put his book down and winked at me giving me a smile. Returning his smile I walked to the cash register handed the sells person my things she rang up the price.

      "$40.87, Please" She said

I smiled and pulled out my money from my pocket and began to count it.

      "Shit! I don't have enough. I only have $38.50." I said is disappointment.

But I felt a hand on my shoulder and for a moment I thought it was Chila but when I looked it was that friendly Anne Rice reader.

     "Here," He said laying the difference down on the counter, "I'll pay for the rest, if you don't mind." He smiled

Later we were outside the store.

    "Ummm…thank you. I'll repay you I promise." I said blushing

    "Thank you. But there's no need. But as for the repayment I'll settle for having lunch with you, my fellow Anne Rice fan." He smiled for a moment I thought I saw fangs on him but I just let it go.

    "Sure! I'm Stephanie, and you are Mister?"

    "Just all me Eric."

    "Eric the vampire?" I asked playfully

    He laughed, "No just Eric the vampire wannabe."

We walked together to the food court. I had completely for got about Chila, but I'm sure she found some other person to hang around. From what I didn't see Eric was smiling at me but he did have fangs. I just didn't know it yet.