I was driving down the river road and it was dark outside. Earlier, when the snow started falling I decided I should leave my mom's new house and try to beat the storm home. The flurries picked up speed and so did I. The road lit by my headlights was already a blanket of white. The snow became so heavy I couldn't see anything on either side of me. I felt like I was standing still but the speedometer told me otherwise. I was driving so fast that I didn't see the patch of ice on the bridge. The next thing I saw were the rocks, and then the darkness.

The boss said we should leave early and try to make it home before the storm set in. I left the office and got into my little black sports car; my pride and joy. The snow was just starting to come down as I pulled out of the parking lot. I turned onto the highway and decided not to take the river road. It was always icy during the winter. I drove slowly even though I knew my wife would worry if I was home late. She would understand about road conditions and all.

Cold and wet, that's all I knew, cold and wet. There was dark all around me. I tried to look up, and snow fell in my face. "Oh, the car!" I couldn't drive it home! No, no I couldn't. It was ruined. Where was my cell phone? I bent down over the rocks and searched. Then a sharp pain shot through my knee. I stood up and sniffled because my nose had started to run. It was so cold. I had to find help. There was a farmhouse, but was it before the bridge? Maybe it was after the bridge. I couldn't remember. I had to find help or I would freeze. I was cold and wet, that's all, just cold and wet. So I made my way slowly up to the road, picked a direction, and started to walk.

I turned the radio on just in time for the news.
"It's a blizzard out there! Please, if you can avoid it at all, stay off the roads tonight. If you need to go out be extremely cautious and drive slowly. Remember that when road conditions change you should change your driving too. Stay tuned, because we have everyone's favorite band coming right up after this..." I turned the commercials off and switched to an easy listening station. A pickup truck pulled up beside me to pass. I shook my head and let him go. If I drove like that my wife would never speak to me again!

Everything was numb. I couldn't feel my fingers. Was I cold? I don't remember. It was very dark though, and no cars passed by me. The road! It had disappeared and there were only trees. I think they were trees, but some moved. Trees don't move. No they don't. It was shadows that's all, just shadows on the trees. Shadows in between the trees that looked like ghosts. The forest was full of them. Shadows of the tree ghosts. What if they came out of the forest? I was so cold. I couldn't fight them off. I had to run because they were murderers. I had to run.

It was after nine. I had to get home soon. My wife would be near death with worry. I turned slowly onto the part of the river road that I lived on. The bridge was already behind me, so I didn't have to worry about icy bridge. The road in front of my headlights was a blank sheet of white. There were no tracks in the snow. I must have been the only one crazy enough to be driving in the storm. Suddenly I saw footprints wander out from the side of the road into my field of vision. They headed straight forward. What kind of loon goes walking in a blizzard?

Everything stopped moving. I closed my eyes and tried to breathe in and out. I knew I had fallen. My legs were so tired and I couldn't take another step. Not one more step they told me. I was so tired, so tired. I just laid down for a moment, just so I could catch my breath. I was on my side but where was I? I couldn't remember. The ghosts chased me out of the forest. I ran onto the road. When I opened my eyes I saw light. It was bright and coming closer.

I followed the footprints for five or six kilometers. The storm had just died down for a spell. I could see to the end of my headlights. Far off down the road I thought I saw something move. As I drove closer I saw that there was something laying in the middle of the road. I turn on my high beams to get a better look.

The light grew suddenly brighter. There was no noise as the lights covered me. I just stared, knowing I was safe from the trees. Then something moved into the light. Covered in yellow light, it looked so gentle. It must have been an angel. It leaned down over me and then I knew it had come to save me. My own personal angel.

I swung the door open and ran to the body. It was a woman. Her face was pale and her lips were blue. Her eyes moved and stared at me I knew she was still alive. I knelt down over her and tried to talk to her but she didn't answer me. I took her bare hands; they were like ice. She was half frozen. I took my coat off and draped it around her body. My house was close by so I decided I would try to get her to my house and warm her up there. I bundled her body gently and lifted her into my arms. She made eye contact with me and whispered: "Are you an angel?" And then shut her eyes again.

"We're going home now," the angel told me. He lifted me up into his arms and I smiled. The outside grew slowly brighter and I was warm then. I closed my eyes because I was still very tired, and since the angel was carrying me I was sure he wouldn't mind if I just took a small nap. He would let me sleep until we got there. I was so glad to finally be going home.

"Don't worry lady, we're almost home," I reassured her from the front. There was still no answer. I started honking my horn at the first sight of my house so that my wife would come out right away and help me. I pulled in the driveway, got out, and went right to the backseat. I lifted her out. She was limp and her eyes were closed. I listened for a heartbeat or breathing or anything to tell me I hadn't been too late. But there was none. She was gone.