I never new what to think,
When I saw your face,
In the shadows I seemed to lie,
Amongst all your fame and grace.

I never thought I was important,
I seemed to be shoved aside,
For what is a friend worth to an actor,
And because of this I hide.

But now I realize I was in the wrong,
I'm sorry I hid away,
Amongst all your gold and glory,
You still wanted me to stay.

So now I wish I had said something,
For I know I love you too,
But like many great relationships,
Breakups are never new.

I wish I could true fully deny,
What I really feel,
But that would be an utmost lie,
And for me, it would truly kill.

So know I'll give my heart to you,
And hope you hold it firm,
For my soul I have just lent away,
But I know you shant let me burn.

By Siobhan

Date: 24/Febuary/2004